Albert Eisenstein

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info about his demographics

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879 in the Ulm Wurttemberg Germany.

Albert died on April 18,1955 in the city of Princeton New Jersey

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Albert Einstein edication

Albert went to school at Swiss Federal Polytechnic school and Luitpold Gymnasium.
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fun fact about about Albert Eisenstein

When Albert was 14 years old he was tested for his IQ and he tested to be smarter than Stephen Hawking , Albert's IQ was 162 at 14 years old.

what IS Albert most famous for

Albert was most famous for his theory of relativity and his math equation E=MC2

Albert Einstein qoute

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What invitations did Albert make

Einstein Refrigerator was the only real invention that Albert made. Albert show that most of his inventions were theoretical concepts which laid the foundation for further research on the subject.