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August 2016

From Our Heart To Yours

“Preparing For

The Holidays”

I get excited about the Fall/Holiday selling season! This is our best time of the year for selling our beautiful jewelry! Our key word for this season is PREPARATION. It is important to start preparing NOW to take advantage of the season! “If you wait – it’s too late!”

How do you prepare?

1. Send a holiday brochure (when it comes out) to all your past customers and Hostesses announcing the Holiday Jewelry line. Attach a $10 gift card to the brochure. Then follow up with a personal phone call to see if they want to use the gift card or double the value for having a jewelry show.

2. Write letters to Doctors, business executives, and lawyers about providing them with employee gifts. Mention that you will be glad to gift-wrap and deliver to their office. (You can offer a discount if he or she orders a certain amount of jewelry.)

3. Make up gift cards and roll the catalog in red or green plastic see through paper-tie each end with red, green, white, and gold curling ribbon. Attach the gift card to one end and tie some red and green mints to one end to and interest. (These can be used at all of the above offices.)

4. Set dates for husband and wife shows, Couple shows, and for Men’s Monday Night football widows. LOL

5. Have a Christmas open house or mystery hostess show and call it a Christmas in September or October.

6. Get your jewelry clean and sparkly.

7. When out and about, put $10 gift cards stapled to your mini catalog and hand out when someone compliments your jewelry! Get their info too for follow up!!!

What do you do before your show to prepare?

Work with your hostesses.

1. Teach her how to earn both $50 gift cards.

TELL people why NOW is a good time for a

Show. For example:

* Holidays are a time to be around friends –

encourage friends to bring a friend with them

for a 10% discount.

* Her friends need stress free shopping. (One

stop shopping.)

* Her house is much safer than the mall or strip


* Group shopping is so much more fun. Helps

in decision-making. Everyone wishes they

had their personal jeweler.

(Usually reserved for the wealthy.)

2. Ask her if she would serve holiday type refreshments on holiday plates or napkins.

3. Ask your hostess to turn down the air conditioning. It will put your guests “in the mood”. (Your mood will improve also. This would be a great thing to do all year round. �)

4. Ask her to play perky Christmas music while guests are entering and shopping.

5. Encourage her to buy ½ price items. These items would be early Christmas gifts for her so she can enjoy them during the Holidays.

6. Follow up on your Guest Survey Sheets from your previous shows. The fortune is in the follow up!

Props to Use At Your Shows

1. Red Cloth. Red promotes impulse buying.

2. Start using your Christmas decorations at your show starting in September.

3. As a visual aid, show the shopping days, and pay day’s poster as an ice breaker (on Draper’s website). (Let me be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!)

4. Peppermints (red and green) at your check out station with a sign on it “Your Mint To Be A Hostess”.

5. Use a Christmas pen for orders.

6. Make a list of items in the catalog that are $25 or less for gift suggestions.

7. Display pins and pendants on a Christmas stocking or hat.

Having your booking activity and sponsoring activity reflect the season.

Use Creative Booking Activities

1. Christmas Tree with Gift Cards on it. “Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees?”

2. Cute basket with Christmas balls – “Book a show and we’ll have a ball.”

3. Show to go – “Be Wild About Guilt Free Shopping”. In an animal print bag add Christmas plates, napkins, brownie mix, invitations list sheet with a stamp addressed envelope, and a catalog.

Having a show is like a guilt free shopping spree.

We love and appreciate you! Happy Selling!

*** See Draper website for all the handouts in the article!!!

Bookings With Rhonda Hardy

How Do I Get 10 Shows On The Calendar?

Why don't you try this?

1. Book 1 show with a very good friend. These are your closest friends, your inner circle. These are the ladies that are there for you in your hour of need. The ones you call in the middle of the night if you have a family emergency, etc. You get the idea. One of these ladies in your life can surely do a show for you in September, October or November and earn herself some fun, new jewelry for fall and winter (Christmas gifts, holiday bling, etc.)!!

2. Book 1 show with a relative. Any relative will do!! Beg, bribe, make promises, etc. Just find 1 relative to do a show in these next three months.

3. Book 1 show with a neighbor or co-worker! Take an inventory of your neighbors and ask 1 to have a show. Maybe you don't know your neighbors because you work and aren't home much, or you don't live in a neighborhood, etc. Then find 1 co-worker that wants to earn $200 - $300 in FREE JEWELRY!! And if you work with all men, plan to have a men's show where they can shop for the upcoming special occasions. Don't forget about your husband's co-workers!!

4. Book 1 show with someone from your "not now, maybe later" list. These are ladies that you met that liked the jewelry and said they might have a show in the future but wouldn't commit to a show when you first talked to them about it. These are the ladies you call, call, call. Tell them that NOW are a great time to have a show!! It's time to come out of hibernation and get the girls together for an afternoon or evening out!! Be excited when you call them and have something to offer them that they can't refuse!!

5. Book 1 show with a prior hostess. Doesn't matter how far back you go. Just 1 of your prior hostesses can surely have a show again to help you move your business forward. She had a show with you before. You know the jewelry that she likes - offer her a new piece that you know she would love for booking.

6. Book 1 craft fair or set up in an office/salon/hospital etc. There are tons of things out there right now. Check your local papers etc.

7. Book 1 fundraiser - ANY fundraiser!! Find someone, anyone who would like to raise funds for an organization. There are a lot of walks and runs coming up (Relay for Life, Leukemia/Lymphoma run, etc). You can raise funds for a team - a gymnastics team, ice hockey team, cheerleading squad, so many options!!!! Talk to EVERYONE you know and I wouldn't be surprised if you could find more than one fundraiser to do right now!!

8. Book 1 Mystery Hostess show at your house. You have control of this. Book this the sooner the better so perhaps you can get future bookings out of this warm market of guests. Invite everyone you know including good customers and prior hostesses. Offer 50% off shopping of retired pieces or pieces you want to get off your sample table. Have a good booking incentive ready at that show.

9. Book 1 "You and Two" show. These are PERFECT for the lady who is too busy to have a traditional show or doesn't want the hassle of a big party (cleaning house, making food etc.). Do NOT fill your calendar full of these, but several here and there are a great way to get in front of ladies who may entertain the idea of having a show in their home at a later date.

10. Book 1 show via a "lifestyle booking." This does not have to be a booking with a complete stranger. This can be those acquaintances that are part of your life every single day. These are the ladies you come in contact with when you are NOT at the show -- such as the lady at the bank, the grocery store, the pharmacy, your kids' school, the mom on the baseball field or soccer field, the girls at your gym/your book club/bunko group/church, the mom from your kid's school that you see at all the events and she always compliments your jewelry, the ladies that work at the doctor's office or dentist's office, the girls that work at your hair salon or nail salon, etc....Don't forget the other direct sales reps you know from events you have participated in -- or maybe one of your friends that has a direct sales business, etc. These are all potential hostesses if you just put it out there - without shoving it down their throats!

- Rhonda Hardy, 5 ◊ Designer, GA

Sponsoring With Randy Draper

Do You Believe In Premier

Do you Believe in Premier?

Ladies, it is amazing to us how excited you can get about a shoe sale! You will go all over town telling every woman you see about the awesome shoe sale you found. You don’t worry about whether you are bothering them or not, do you? You don’t worry whether they go to the sale or not. You just want them to know about it, so they can go if they want to, right? You aren’t offended if they go to the sale and don’t buy. You just want them to have the same opportunity to save their husband some money like you did! You just want to tell someone about it because you love shoes, you are excited and you are going to explode if you don’t tell someone! You can’t keep it inside, can you?

Why do you struggle so much when it comes to telling people about Premier Designs? Could it possibly be, because you really don’t believe in Premier! Ask yourself these questions… Do you believe we have the best company? Do you believe we have the best product? Do you believe we have the best marketing plan? Do you believe we have the best hostess plan? Do you believe that this business can make a difference in someone’s life?

If you answered all the above questions with a “YES” then you are qualified to share this fantastic opportunity! You just have to go do it! You’re not bothering people; you are telling them about an incredible debt-free company, built on biblical principles, people-centered and not profit driven. You don’t have to worry about whether they are interested or not, that is their decision to make for themselves. Give people the opportunity to say “NO.”

Premier doesn’t advertise. You are Premier’s advertising and Premier is counting on you! We have the best company, the best product, the best marketing plan and the best hostess plan in America! We have seen Premier make a difference in people’s lives, haven’t you? It’s time to start sharing Premier Designs with others. Share it one-on-one, or take them to an opportunity presentation, or have them listen to our recorded marketing plan. Just do it! Someone will thank you for sharing it with them and for offering them a “Dose of Hope.” We believe in YOU!!! Sharing HOPE together!

Philippians 2:4

“Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”

- Randy Draper, Diamond Executive Directors, TX

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