Lauren Faust

Kaia K.

The Wonderful Lauran Faust is a animater and writer,she is most famous for MLP:FIM

Lauren Faust was born on july 25 1974 in Annapolis,Maryland(she is 38 years old).Lauren faust is currenly married to Craig McCracken.Lauren Faust won a emmy for her work on fosters home for imanginary friends in 2008. Lauren Faust went to the California Institute of the arts. Lauren Faust worked as a developer for fighting is magic before it shut down.Lauren Faust created a toy line called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.Lauren faust worked for the powerpuff girls.There is a documentry called Bronies:the extermly unexpected fans of my little pony that she is in that you can buy on amazon.Lauren Faust now lives in los angeles,CA.Lauren also has her own character.Craig McCracken based frankie from Foster's home for imanginery friends on Lauren.Lauren also worked on the powerpuff girls movie.

These are some pictures of Lauran Faust./)^_0