Pets Throughout History

By: Morgan Martin

Before the 1920s

Song birds are really popular, because before the radio the birds could sing for them.

In the 1920s it is more about entertainment, therefore the song bird sings.


Pigs, Cheetahs and Rabbits were popular around the 1930's.

During the great depression, people usually got small animals so they wouldn't spend much money on them. Also, pigs and other farm animals were popular so people would have the ability to make their own food.


Some people had pet monkeys, they had a Boar, one family had a tiny horse living in their house.

Also they had sheeps, owls and pumas.

During the war in the 1940's people experimented with pets and found out what was dangerous and what wasn't. Obviously people found out that having boars and pumas was very dangerous.


In the 1990's they had dogs, cats, fish and other basic animals that you would find in households today.

Kids during the 90's began wanting basic animals as their friends when they were growing up. This included reptiles which are easy to take care of.

Pets impacted America

The pets people had in America were generally there for company through good and bad times. For example, throughout the great depression, people kept faith and had companions with them along the way of going through hardships.

Role of pets today

Today pets are used to help disabled and elderly people. For instance when blind people want to go somewhere they have a helping pet (usually dogs) get them to where they need to go.