By: Mallory Schuh


This newsletter is all about perseverance and who famous people overcame all there adversity in life. They all had a conviction, and they all stood by what they believe in.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a noble baseball player. Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan are alike in several ways. Both are famous athletics and both are black. Both are also have faced lots of rejection in their live. On the other hand Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player and stood up for what he believed in. Michael Jordan is getting played $20 million dollars when the people making his shoes are getting 30 cents a day. Although they are both famous athletics. Jackie Robinson faced the most rejection in his life.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt grew up in a house and her family was not every kind to her. One of her problems was that everyone called her “ugly duckling” She was so hurt that her grandma sent her to a boarding school in London. This help he by getting away from her family and this was a way for her to build her confidence. This solution was good because she got to start new therefore she could be more confident with herself. As a result she joined a field hockey team and she stood up for topics she believed in.

Losing To Win

Carroll Academy is a correctional school that you are ordered from the court to go to this school. Carrol Academy is in Huntingdon, Tennessee. This city is 19.6% below the poverty line and 12.3% under the unemployment rate. Some of the girls and boys face no water at there homes for weeks, rat infested houses. Sometimes going home to find their mother passed out on the front porch because she is so drunk. At this school they have a girls basketball team named the Lady Jags. they have a loss streak of 212 games in a row. The Lady Jags coach Tonya Lutz uses the basketball games to learn how to deal with their problems at home. These girls have sometimes anger management, brain illness and sometimes it is just what happens at home. The Lady Jags are persevering through these adversities in life. As a result they are becoming better people and learn to work together as a team. Some girls if they show they are improving with their problems they get to go back to their regular school. Theses girls have resilience to recover everyday from where they come from