Scituate Elementary Newsletter

Summer Update: August 17, 2020

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Clayville, Hope, and North Scituate Families,

As promised, weekly newsletters are being sent in an effort to keep our school community up to date with the latest school reopening information. Some of the information in this week's newsletter is new, while other pieces were shared last week and serve as a resource and reminder.

Governor Raimondo and Commissioner Infante-Green announced the two-week delay of the first day of school. The decision was made to give districts more time to put plans in place, and for the RI Department of Education (RIDE) to further engage with RI communities. It was also announced that three professional development days have been scheduled for September 9th-11th. Scituate Schools will include an extra PD day, which means our staff will start on September 8th. Students first day of school will be September 14th. Please see below for the revised state-wide calendar. Please note, the extra professional development days for Scituate Schools have not been added. We will send along out our district calendar once it has been updated.

Our reopening task force and our administrative team continues to work on our reopening plans to ensure we are ready for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. As always, please reach out with any suggestions, questions, or concerns. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Courtney Francis, Clayville School Principal

Dana Morel, Hope School Principal

Kaitlin Soccio, North Scituate School Principal

Facilities Update from Mr. Corrente

Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • All buildings have been cleaned and sanitized every month.
  • The custodial staff will be cleaning and sanitizing every room and every area of all of the school buildings prior to the first day of school.
  • The Director of School Facilities has attended multiple sessions with RI DOH and RIDE to better understand what we need to do to make sure our buildings are safe and disinfected.
  • All of the HVAC units have been cleaned and sanitized to ensure we are safe.

  • All ventilation systems have been worked on to confirm that all classrooms have sufficient ventilation.
  • All filters have been changed.
  • It is recommended by DOH and RIDE that we keep windows open as much as possible. The more fresh air the better.
  • We are working to address the areas that have no or little ventilation.

  • The district has purchased 11 disinfecting systems.
    • 24 cases of sanitizing tablets on hand.
  • The district has purchased in hand sanitizer.
    • 200 stations and 800 refills
  • The district has purchased sanitizing wipes.
    • 200 buckets with 1200 refills.
  • Masks have been purchased for the entire staff.
  • Plexiglass has been ordered.
    • The main offices of all schools.
    • Specialists areas
  • We have Masks for those who arrive without one.
    • 2500 adults
    • 2000 students

Technology Update from Mr. Rambacher

Student Chromebooks

As of the start of the 20-21 school year, all students from grades 6 through 12 will have their own Chromebook issued to them. Additional Chromebooks are on order as we are working towards 1:1 devices district-wide. Currently, the supply chain is overwhelmed so we are not sure exactly when additional devices will be available. We will deploy as many new units as we are able to while leveraging older units until the new ones arrive. Elementary schools will no longer have carts (in the event we have to quickly return to full Distance Learning). Student assigned Chromebooks will be stored within the student’s classrooms.

Transportation Guidance

The RI Department of Education released a memo that includes important updates to the busing and student transportation section on pages 16 and 17 of Back to School RI: Health and Safety Guidance to Reopen Rhode Island’s Elementary and Secondary Schools released on June 19, 2020. Highlights of the changes include:

1. A change to the maximum occupancy for school buses from one student per seat to a

maximum of 50% of vehicle seating capacity (not to exceed 36 passengers) for all vehicles

used for student transport (e.g. school bus, van, or other vehicle).

2. Reformatted the section to reflect that that the guidance is the same for all reopening

scenarios (Full, Partial, and Limited In-Person).

3. Added reference to a planning resource that can be used to determine the number of close

contact passengers who will need to quarantine in the event of a passenger testing positive.

Please use the link below to learn more.

Free & Reduced Lunch Application

Free and reduced lunch application forms are located on the school website (please see below). We strongly encourage all families to fill out a form. All questions should be directed to the Superintendent's Office, 647-4100. Please reach out if you need a paper copy.

*Please see below for information and resources that have been previously distributed*

Scituate School Department's Reopening Plans

Scituate’s Reopening Task Force consisted of a team of educators, school nurses, principals, administrators, parents, and students. They worked to review the RI Department of Education’s (RIDE) reopening guidelines. This team met frequently to construct a plan which was submitted to RIDE. We are proud to announce that Scituate’s plan was commended for its focus on student and staff safety. The plan includes four possible scenarios including in person, 50% in person, 25% in person, and full distance learning. The Governor will make an announcement on August 17th letting us know which plan we will reopen to.

Scituate School Department's Town Hall Meeting

Scituate Public Schools Reopening Town Hall 08-06-2020

Distance Learning Option

As discussed during our Town Hall meeting, Distance Learning is an option for all Scituate students. Parents/guardians who wish to opt their child into Distance Learning for the upcoming school year are asked to email Superintendent Andries ( and her administrative assistant ( As of right now, there is no minimum time commitment for the Distance Learning option. More information about Distance Learning will be communicated to all families over the next few weeks.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

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