Bartholomew Dias(z)


Where is he from?

Algarve, Portugal
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Maps of routes he has taken

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Places he discovered

He discovered the Cape of Good Hope and showed Europeans there was a feasible route to India around the Southern tip of Africa. He also discovered the South-east trade winds and the westerlies to the West and South Africa
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He became a Portugal navigator, accomplished the challenge of sailing past Anola, and was first to have sailed around the Cape of Good Hope.
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His personality

He was never impressed with himself, always wanted more and nothing was ever enough. Bartholomew was uptight and selfish, he never gave anyone else credit
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purpose and outcomes of his voyages

He found the Cape of Good Hope and routes from Europe to South Africa. His purpose was to discover new trade routes and find new lands with gold.

Facts about Bartholomew Diaz

Born in 1450, and died May 29, 1500 in a ship wreck due to drowning. His real name is Bartolomeu Dias. He took two ships on his journey to India. Found southern most tip of Africa in January, 1488.
Bartolomeu Diaz