CPSL Newsletter October 23, 2017

A Cherokee Public Schools Libraries Publication

Keep Miss Lesa In Your Thoughts and Prayers

Lesa Bergner, who has worked in the elementary library for the past two years, is recovering from the loss of her husband, Edwin, who passed away September 30th. Please keep Lesa in your thoughts and prayers. If you would like to give her a card, please bring them to the library. She plans to return to the library today, October 16th.

Book Fair Wrap-Up

Another fall book fair came to the elementary library last week. It was a big success! Many thanks to our volunteers: Heidi Ginder, Alisia Fisher, Erin Goeken, Katelyn Hague, Melissa Heim, and Nellie Castro. Nellie was an especially awesome friend of the library since she watched the book fair and the library for the last two hours of the day while Miss Headlee taught class at the high school.

All told, we sold $3,179 worth of books and other items. Thank you for visiting our book fair!

Classroom Novel Sets

When I began working for the Cherokee Public Schools libraries, classroom novels were kept in a storeroom off the main library in both locations. With the remodel of the elementary, classroom novels found space in the main area. High school classroom novels moved from the old yearbook room to the AV room so they could have more space. Additionally, I've worked with the English teachers to add more novels. Last year, we added The Giver, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, The Outsiders, and Frankenstein to our sets. This year, we've added Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, The Crossover, and Maniac Magee.

The Mystery of the Football Players

Last week, Mr. Schanbacher brought an interesting mystery to the library. He was given a large print of a photo of three football players with longtime football coach Buddy Murrell. The print was found in the former home of the Meyers' family. We initially looked through the yearbooks to see if we could match the players with names, but to no avail--the yearbook collection is incomplete in several places. Mr. Schanbacher's father said there was a Meyers who graduated in or around 1968, but beyond that, we have hit a dead end. Below are close-ups of the three players.

Genrefication Project in High School Fiction

For the last few weeks, the high school fiction section has been transforming from the traditional organization of being shelved by the author's last name to being organized by genre. There are 12 genres in the collection: adventure, classics, dystopia, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, humor, mystery, romance, science fiction, sports, and young adult. Within each genre, all books will be still be organized by the author's last name.

The reason I decided to try this approach with the fiction section is to help high school students find what they're looking for more easily and also to (hopefully) increase reading. The benefits of genrefication tend to be that circulation increases a lot, so it seemed like the right decision for the high school library. If it proves to be popular, I'll do the same for the junior high library. Anything that increases the amount of reading in our school sounds good to me!