The Great Depression In The 1930's

What happened in the Great Depression?

The Great Depression started on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929. This was the day the Stock Market crashed. According to, the stock prices had plummeted because everyone tried to sell their stock, but nobody was buying. This caused an economic slump. This caused many people to be out of a job, and they would travel from place to place trying to find one. (Rosenberg)

Who was affected by the Great Depression?

According to Modern American Poetry, the Great Depression included teens, men, women, and entire families. It also affected industrial nations and nations supplying food and raw materials. (Nelson)

How is the Great Depression presented in the book?

The Great Depression is presented in the book by showing how different families in Maycomb County, like the Cunninghams, are struggling with money. Scout asks Atticus, " 'Are we poor, Atticus?' Atticus nodded. 'We are indeed' " (Pg. 27) This shows that even Scout's family was struggling with the Great Depression and lack of money. (Lee)