Ancient Mesopotamia

By Kara Rueschenberg

What It's About

Below, you will find the top 5 achievements of the ancient Mesopotamian people.

Achievement 1

Recreation and Play

  • Dancers performed in religious rituals and on occasions such as weddings and harvest festivals.
  • Dancers performed alone, in pairs, or in groups.
  • Males and females never danced together, but instead took turns.
  • Dancing included jumping, leaping, kneeling, bending, line dances, and circle dances.

Why It Was Important To Them

This was a way for their society to celebrate. It made them happy, and helped them to have a good time during their celebration.

Why It Is Important To Us

Today, we do similar dances. Just think, if this ancient society didn’t dance at weddings, the bride and groom may not have their first dance! But since they danced, people can have a good time at weddings!

Achievement 2


  • Diseases are often blamed on gods and ghosts.
  • Plants were used to treat diseases.
  • Plasters were also made (a mixture of medical ingredients applied to a wound and held on by bandage). Some mixtures contained soap, which would fight off infections.
  • Surgeries were performed- (cutting the chest and skull).
  • Drugs were used- most were plant extracts, spices, or resins.
  • The medical caregivers were the asu and ashipu.

Why It Was Important To Them

The ashipu and asu were VERY important people to this society- they were the doctors! They kept people healthy and alive!

Why It Is Important To Us

If we did not have the ashipu and asu, the ancient people would have not been kept alive, and we would not be here today.

Achievement 3


  • Had yearly floods
  • Had large amounts of silt
  • Farming brought people together
  • Irrigation led to an increased food supply.
  • They used wooden plows pulled by oxen and tools to cut the wheat.
  • They threw seeds into the ground to plant fruits and vegetables, and let animals loose to trample the seed into the ground.

Why It Was Important To Them

Farming played a VERY important part to the ancient societies. They ate food to keep them alive! Of course food is important, if we didn't have food we couldn't live!

Why It Is Important To Us

As I said before, farming is absolutely important! If we didn't have food, we wouldn't be alive!

Achievement 4


  • Ziggurats are temples for gods.
  • They are built out of mud-brick, or adobe.
  • Ziggurats are very high buildings
  • You start by making a big platform and then smaller platforms on top of that. A temple is built at the top, which serves as a place to worship.
  • The whole purpose of the ziggurat was to get closer to the skies, which means you are closer to the gods.
  • A ziggurat was built at the center of each town.

Why It Was Important To Them

These buildings were very important to the ancient people, because it was where they worshiped! This was a big part of their life, as they would contact the gods.

Why It Is Important To Us

If the ancient people hadn't made these temples, we might not have religion or churches today. But because they did build temples like this, and worship gods, we take after them, build churches, and worship our own god.

Achievement 5

Math and Astrology

  • The abacus was invented, a tool for counting.
  • They also developed clumsy methods of arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Also developed writing/symbols and wrote on wet clay tablets.
  • Their number system was complex, with a base of 60 instead of 10.
  • They were the ones who invented the 24 hour day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute.
  • Also had a twelve month calendar.

Why It Was Important To Them

Of course numbers are important! This whole system is how the ancient people kept track of time, and their days! If they didn't keep track, who knows where we would be today?

Why It Is Important To Us

As said before, if the ancient people hadn't come up with these wonderful ideas, the way we look at math and numbers might have been completely different! Our months and years, and calendar system would not be what they are today!