Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 14

"Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, 'I'm possible.' "

-Audrey Hepburn

Great Things Happening in Our Classrooms at West Middle School!

Ms. Yates and Ms. Siedlik assigned math classes to make a scale drawing and scale model of an actual room. Students engaged in collaboration, inquiry and problem solving conversations. Amazingly enough not all models turned out the same which prompted problem solving and critical thinking dialogues amongst students.

All City Choir

Mr. McCauley along with all the city choir teachers give their students a real life experience by providing them with the opportunity to work with guest choir conductor Tracy Resseguie. Mr. Resseguie has experience of 20+ years directing choirs. His high school choirs have toured Italy, Germany, Norway, Ireland and have performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. What a great experience for our students! See a short clip here and here.

Instructional Choice

Instructional choice promotes motivation and an opportunity to reach the multiple intelligences in your classroom. It is about meeting students' needs, interests and learning modalities. Start by giving students simple choices and build.

Examples of instructional choice include across activity choices such as differentiation of product or order of completion as well as within activity choices such as differentiation of materials and differentiation for work completion.

Examples of Instructional Choice

Mindset: The Power of Peer Feedback

The benefits to peer feedback are that students write or perform to a bigger audience than just the teacher. They build collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is a shift in mindset that is beneficial to our students.

The Power of Peer Feedback

Tech Bytes!

Zaption Free interactive video tools and "ready to use" video lessons.

Atomic Learning: I know, I have mentioned this resource before; however, it is a great resource for professional learning, quick answers to resources such as "all things google". You will find it on the right hand side of the Internal Portal under "district links"