5th Grade Science

Identify the parts of a plant and animal cell

The Lesson

Students are given a worksheet with a picture of a plant and animal cell with their parts labeled. Below the pictures there are numbers with a space and a definition beside each one. The student is going to fill in the name of the part in the space beside the definition that it fits.

The Vocabulary

Mitochondria, Ribosomes,Roough E.R.,Nucleus,Cell Membrane,Cell Wall,Smooth E.R.,Chloroplast,Cytoplasm,Golgi Bodies

Three Ways to Review Vocabulary

1. You could have students come to the board and write the name of the part of the cell after the teacher reads the function of that part.

2. The students can label the parts in a diagram of a plant and animal cell that is not labeled.

3. The teacher can create a crossword puzzle using internet recources. The students can write down the vocabulary word after reading the corresponding definition.