Embedded Librarian Project

Rebecca D. Ungerer -- Fall 2014


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BI Tools

Rationale: I chose to create two BI tools that I felt would most help the students as they began to research and create papers of their own. Many times, students go directly to Wikipedia or select the first search result without considering who the source is. My first BI was How to Evaluate a website. https://www.smore.com/rmvp8/edit

The second BI was How and Why we cite our sources. Many times, students will neglect to acknowledge the exact location of a website or how to list resources--alphabetically by author's last name! https://www.smore.com/wxqhq/edit

I felt that both resources could be used for future reference as well.

I am uncertain of the students' opinion of the BI tools. No one responded to my feedback survey which asked that question.

Reference Interview

Reference Interview Examples https://docs.google.com/a/email.appstate.edu/document/d/1wmeIv_o03fHvnqaZX_iC1_rkcHoOtCdLptjfPwK8McQ/edit?usp=sharing

The two reference interviews were held through the group chat in a blackboard environment. I sent an email out to my group of students and offered my phone number, email and, of course, some times I could be available to chat online. Two students responded by scheduling times to meet on the chat. One student chose to communicate via email and the other I was unable to coordinate with.

Both of the chat interviews were similar. The students discussed their broad topics. I tried to guide them to a smaller area of interest they might have as it pertains to their field of study and potential careers. I was also able to clarify what an argumentative essay was.

Overall the interviews went well. I felt as though the students left the chat with some good ideas of where else to check. For example, one student was studying the impact of exercise for children with disabilities. He hadn't checked into the library's databases and I was able to refer him to a couple that he hadn't considered. Using more than one resource is so important when doing any type of essay that is presenting a view on a particular topic. Journals, books, interviews--the students only had popular articles to go by.

I have learned that through the interview process, strong customer service skills and teacher questioning skills are paramount in helping patrons in a library setting.

Fielding Questions

The type of questions I received were much the same.

Q: Can you check out my sources? A: Yes, of course. I am happy to.

Q: Do they (the resources) look ok? A: Yes, it appears they are good resources. Did you verify the .coms for reliability?

Q: Is my topic too broad? A: That depends on what your view point is. Do you think perhaps you can choose one type or category of therapy?

Q:Is my topic ok? A: Is it something you are interested in? Have you been able to find multiple sources for eliminated PE from schools? If not, maybe you should consider changing the topic to the amount of times a week vs. eliminated altogether.

Q: Should I change my topic? A: I think it might be a good idea to revisit the topic.

These questions were, I felt, something that should have been addressed to the professor. As a librarian, however, I understand how important it is to have a teaching background. People come to the library for help when their professors are not around. A good reference librarian has knowledge and experience to help decipher assignments for young students and I enjoyed the opportunity to help.