KidSpring Connections

September 15 - 21

What You Do Matter!


One of our core values in KidSpring is relationships! Every single week you're building relationships with kids, parents, and the volunteers you serve with. This week, we got to see a great example of the impact these have! A 5 year old named Brandon moved upstairs to the Imagination room in August. He absolutely loved Will Garrett, his small group leader in TreeHouse. Brandon's parents brought him back down to TreeHouse after service on Sunday so that he could see Will & tell him all about his life & how his first year in school was going. Will has made an impact on Brandon that is lasting even past the time that Brandon was in his room!


We got to celebrate Spontaneous Baptism 2 weeks ago!!! It's amazing to see the life change that we get to be a part of! 22 kids were baptized on that day! 22 kids who wanted to take Next Steps in their relationship with Jesus because they want to follow him!

PreSchool Need to Know

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Elementary Need to Know

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KidSpring Fun Night

Friday, Oct. 17th, 6pm

Denver Downs, 4915 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson SC 29621

Come join us for all the fall fun! There will be a Pumpkin Festival, live music, flashlight corn maze, and a bonfire with smores! Cost is $12.

Meet Your KidSpring Team

Our team is continuing to grow so we wanted to give you a little glimpse of the inner working of your KidSpring Staff. All facts & info were compiled by everyone on the team EXCEPT the person that is being described!

April McDonald

KidSpring Director
  • Previous Profession: teacher
  • Loves kids, coffee, and all things coconut!
  • Hates hot dogs, tomatoes, & country music
  • Owns a cardigan in every color.
  • She doesn't like to be called our boss, so the team prefers to call her "your highness" instead.
  • Loves to read & spend time outside
  • Can make anything sound positive!
  • Gets to be neighbors with her best friend & former college roommate
  • Joined NewSpring staff in March 2012.

Erin Hart

KidSpring PreSchool Coordinator
  • Previous Profession: Social Worker
  • Also known as Ecstatic Erin
  • Likes vegetables, organized closets, and well made beds
  • Fiery redhead!
  • She lived in Nicaragua.
  • She is from Chicago.
  • Loves Waffle Cone Wednesday.
  • Hates monkeys
  • Has eaten lunch off a cardboard box before
  • Runs marathons
  • Joined NewSpring staff in July 2012.

Kelsey Achee

KidSpring Elementary Coordinator
  • Previous Profession: Nurse
  • Danger prone
  • #piedmontlife creator
  • Has tons of siblings
  • She's proud of the fact that her hair could easily turn into dreads!
  • Skittles are spicy to her
  • She has a geographic tongue.
  • She is a really talented hum-er.
  • She has a tool box as a lunch box
  • She grows her own vegetables
  • She's always making someone laugh!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in April 2013.

Anna Darlak

KidSpring New Serve Coordinator
  • Previous Profession: student, stay at home mom
  • Can and will laugh about anything, for any amount of time, for any reason!
  • Most generous
  • She grew up on a farm
  • She is the most domesticated woman on the planet.
  • She sews, cooks, and creates all things.
  • She is deceptively strong #crossfit.
  • She is an incredible photographer.
  • She's a mom to 3 kids: Hunter, Addison, & Sophie.
  • Joined NewSpring staff in September 2013.

Lauren McDonald

KidSpring Guest Services Coordinator
  • Previous Profession: student, majoring in biochemistry
  • Loves honesty & openness
  • Likes floral pants
  • Loves New Girl & indie music
  • Loves fancy things: lotions, perfumes, candles and clothes!
  • Her neck gets red when she is excited!
  • Lived in Charleston
  • Makes yummy desserts
  • Most hipster person on our team!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in December 2013.

Brittney Austin

KidSpring PreSchool Team Leader
  • Previous Profession: motivational workout coach for kids at the Y & nanny
  • From Aiken
  • Loves tacos
  • Crossfitter, likes glitter and sparkly things
  • Doesn't like candy but loves chocolate covered fruit (like Raisinetts)
  • Smiley all the time!
  • She was voted most likely to be in a Crest commercial in high school superlatives.
  • Most organized person we've ever met!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in September 2014.

Jared Coker

KidSpring Intern
  • Focusing on PreSchool & Elementary Production (and much more) during his internship!
  • Graduated high school this past Spring.
  • As the only guy right now he puts up with us crazy girls and is the muscles of Greenville Kidspring; calls us all "Miss Erin", Miss April, etc...
  • Doesn't like to dance
  • Loves taking dog selfies
  • Gets a new gauntlet air brushed hat every year!
  • Wants to be a pastor one day!