Babysitting Safety

By: Riley Rasmussen and Kacie Willems


In this smore there will be general information on babysitting. It will include facts and stats, pictures, and video information, also some prevention statements. It is important that you know about babysitting before you babysit by your self. We call it CABS.
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To prevent from strangers getting in the house keep the doors locked and when your outside make sure that you are watching the kids at all time. When your making food for the child you should make sure to cut the food up small to prevent choking. So the child doesn't suffocate you should make sure that plastic bags and other hazards away properly. If there are stairs make sure that the gate or door is shut, especially with younger children. To prevent getting burned make sure to use the back stove.


Signs of a child getting sleepy: Rubbing their eyes, sucking their thumb or fingers, rocking back and forth on knees, and fussing and crying.

Managing a tantrum: Say nothing. You don't want to keep the tantrum going. Stay near but let him cry.Eventually he will calm down, silence works best. After tantrum find out what made the child start the tantrum. Give them plenty attention when they are good.

Action when a child is choking: 1. Ask,"are you choking?" 2.If they cannot speak or if they stopped coughing get behind them and make a fist 3. Below breast bone give a quick upward thrust into them 4. Repeat until food comes up or until they can cough and talk again 5. If stop responding call 911.

If there is a fire you should play follow the leader until your safe and out of the smoke.

Fears for infants under a year: Loud noises, strange people, falling,sudden movements, and flashes of light.