Patrick Gonzalez

Extremadura is located in spain

Extremadura is located in the south west of Spain. It is a landlocked region; Portugal is on its left, Salamanca, Avila, and Toledo is above, Ciudad Real, and Cordoba are on its right and Huelva and Sevilla is under it.. Sheeps, Pigs and Goats are grown in Extremadura. Frite de cordero cabrito a la hortelana (lamb stew with vegetables)



Extremadura has a climate of cool wind, mostly damp winters and hot dry summers. In June the summers are hot, after September the temperature drops, and for the winter it's freezing cold for a little bit amount of time. Winter wheat, Barley, Tobacco and Tomatoes are major crops and are grown on irrigated land. Other foods like peppers, green beans, cucumbers, rice, carrots and asparagus are also grown