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December 2020

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You Are a Song In Our Hearts Forever

Dr. Dennis Dunkins lived a life of service to his community. He was selfless, kind, progressive, and gentle. He pursued a vision that would empower generations beyond his own. His implementation of sustainable systems in TABSE, FWAABSE and Ft. Worth ISD will keep his legacy for eternity. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn but we are inspired by the life that he lived.

Do noble things, not dream them all day long TABSE,

And so make life, death and that vast forever One grand sweet song.

Humbly Submitted,

Statia Paschel

TABSE Historian

"Dr. Dunkins was a force that propelled educational equity and promoted diversity in educational institutions that traditionally left students and educators of color behind." - Dr. David Harris

"A true pioneer and visionary. We will always be in Dr. Dunkins debt." - Dr. Michael McFarland

"Dennis Dunkins was a past President and TABSE founder- he was active his entire lifetime. He is our legend and his value to what we are today lives in all of us." - Dr. Kimberley McLeod

"Dr. Dennis Dunkins will surely be missed. A trailblazer and encourager! We stand on the shoulders of greatness!" - Dr. Latonya Goffney

Click HERE to view the Fox 4 News story that features the legacy of Dr. Dunkins.

Click HERE to see the 2014 TABSE History Video that features the dynamic work of Dr. Dunkins and our other Founders.

Hip Hop Legend Doug E. Fresh is sending you a friendly reminder to register for our upcoming state conference today!

Hip Hop Legend Doug E. Fresh reminds you to register for the TABSE/TABPHE Virtual State Conference!

A Message From Our President-Elect

Greetings TABSE family and friends! We are less than 2 months away from our engaging and interactive 36th Annual State Conference on February 18-21, 2021. This virtual conference will once again be a joint venture between the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE) and the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education (TABPHE). On behalf of TABSE President Dr. David Harris, TABPHE President Dr. Connie Williams, their Executive Boards, and their State Conference Planning Committees, we anxiously await you joining us for an awe-inspiring learning experience!

The 36th Annual Conference will highlight two phenomenal keynote speakers—Dr. Grenita Lathan, Houston ISD Interim Superintendent will kick-off Friday morning’s 2nd General Session, and Dr. Belle Wheelan, President of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges will headline Saturday morning’s 3rd General Session. Participants will also engage in many of the established events and learning occasions from the comfort of their own homes as TABSE and TABPHE remain committed to promoting and facilitating the education of all P-16+ students, especially those of African descent.

This year’s Virtual Conference will stimulate the minds and creativity of educators across the country. The keynote speakers, leadership institutes, professional development sessions, educational workshops, and entertainment activities will offer conference participants an extraordinary opportunity to build instructional and leadership capacity. You do not want to miss it!!

Please visit the website @ to learn more, view the Conference at a Glance and register for the 2021 Virtual Conference. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Chris Pichon Ed.D.

TABSE President-Elect

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Affiliate Spotlight

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Greater Austin Area Alliance of Black School Educators

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty, but one thing for sure is the way Greater Austin Alliance of Black School Educators has lead the way in their efforts to solidify growth in their area. Therefore, they are heralded as this month’s Affiliate Spotlight.

Greater Austin was established in 2018 and began their work with merely 15 members. Even in their infancy, Greater Austin has been influential in making a name for themselves under the leadership of Dr. Creslond Fannin. Immediately, they sought ways to go virtual this year, rock the vote, and take a stand against injustices of African Americans being wronged across America. GAAABSE hosted a two day drive-thru voter registration effort in October to register voters. They also hosted a watch party of the candidates' forum prior to their executive board meeting in order to inform members of who will be supporting their black and brown children.

TABSE’s December Affiliate of the month is not new to hosting virtual events. August they hosted a Virtual Gatsby themed Casino Night Membership Drive. This affiliate took the challenge of the state Chaplain and produced a virtual, weekly prayer call every Friday morning in May and June. We congratulate Greater Austin Area ABSE on their faithfulness to the organization and continued support of area students and educators.

All My Love,

Yumesha Mosley, M. Ed

Affiliate Presidents Council Chair

PAABSE Brings African American Studies to Plano ISD

Plano Area of Black School Educators’ president Montrail Davis was a part of the committee that recently got an African American Studies course added to the PISD curriculum going into 2021-2022 school year. African American Studies is a conceptually driven course that introduces students to the exploration of the rich and diverse history and culture of African Americans. The goal of this course is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of students interested in learning about history, citizenship, culture, economics, science, technology, geography, and the political realities of African Americans. These strands should not be taught in isolation but woven together in an integrated study that helps students understand the world in which we live. This course should provide students with an opportunity to engage with the social, economic, and political activities of African Americans in a way that allows them to make deep connections across the content. The historical context of this course should be taught with relevance to contemporary and current issues in order to ensure a deeper understanding for students. This course is designed to assist students in understanding issues and events from multiple perspectives. This course develops an understanding of the historical roots of African American culture, especially as it pertains to social, economic, and political interactions within the broader context of United States history. Knowledge of past achievements provides citizens of the 21st century with a broader context within which to address the many issues facing the United States.

Affiliate's in Action

PAABSE Virtual Fight Night

CENTEX ABSE General Meeting


Friday, February 5, 2021

HAABSE Teacher Awards and Recognition Ceremony

A Virtual Celebration

Upcoming Events

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2020 The Year of Resilience, 2021 The Year of Ascension

This year was thought to be the year of 2020 Vision. Seeing clearly the path and purpose that would drive us. January came and went, then we had our 35th Annual Conference where we Empowered Educational Excellence Through Equity. Dr. Harris began his term as President and we started our Family Affair. Central Texas Area Alliance of Black School Educators was born and we were basking in the afterglow of the conference. Then COVID19 hit and school closures changed what education looked like and who was primarily responsible for ensuring content was delivered. Lead by our State Chaplain, Carla Windfont, we sought the strength and guidance of the Almighty, and affiliates launched daily prayer calls across the state.

For too long we have asked for a seat at the table and been ignored. So we decided to build our own table.

March 27, 2020, TABSE launched EdHub and a new parent resource was born. Our work didn't stop there. April 17, 2020, Aicha Davis and her team brought African American Studies to be offered as an elective across the state of Texas. In May The Teacher Commission organized a Collaborative Task Force of Texas Educators to present school reopening recommendations to state and local officials.

We pressed on during the summer, continuing to break new ground and think outside of the box. On July 11, TABSE partnered with Education Elements and presented a virtual Member Symposium Past, Present, and Future #WeAreTABSE. During the symposium members reflected on the past, connected to our present work, and defined the future of our organization. The power of partnerships continued on August 22 as we worked with TABPHE and Ed Elements. Critical Conversations for P-20 Educators Virtual Symposium brought participants topics like Career and Degree Advancements, Social and Emotional Learning for All, Higher Ed and School District Partnerships, and Mental Health and Wellness.

Membership continued to grow as TABSE demonstrated the power flowing within us from our ancestors and Founders. As Dr. Micheal McFarland said during his NABSE Presidential address, "We were built for this." Two new affiliates emerged. Capital Area ABSE and Forney Area ABSE were installed on October 23rd and November 2nd respectively.

The phoenix represents strength, eternity, and renewal. It symbolizes withstanding trials of adversity and challenge. Being forged by fire and transformed into something more magnificent that survived the challenge.

TABSE we have faced many challenges this year:

A global COVID19 pandemic...

A racial pandemic...

The loss of dynamic leaders...

Educational digital divide and many more.

Through it all, we have RISEN to the test, bonded as a family, and activated a solution. Now it's time for us to ASCEND like the phoenix TABSE. Let's ASCEND into 2021 on top of the branches of the majestic trees from seeds that were planted by those before us. Watered with the work and vision of TABSE greats like Dr. Clarence Biddy, Dr. Elaine Bailey, Dr. Joseph Drayton, Mrs. Elma Carr, and Dr. Dennis Dunkins just to name a few. Let us ASCEND beyond the doubts and fears of uncharted waters. Let us ASCEND and walk this authentic journey and delivery on the promises of equity, social justice, and restorative practices. As we ASCEND we will continue to reach back and wide to ensure the sustainability of our work. We will continue to collaborate and elevate our voice through powerful partnerships. We will ASCEND TABSE!

Happy New Year!

Statia Paschel

TABSE Historian

Texas Alliance of Black School Educators

If you have any questions or need to contact TABSE email us at