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Contact Information

Katie Drennon Dell'Oso

Instructional Coach

Gateway Elementary

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Please see my website for email and phone number.

Learning Target

I can communicate clearly and effectively with my teachers, parents or students using Smore.


How are you currently communicating with parents and students? Please use the Padlet below to share.
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Explore: Communication Made Easy

Use the link below to begin exploring Smore.

Explain: Benefits of Using Smore

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Customize theme, background, color, and font

  • Include different types of media - pictures, video, audio

  • Dynamic and changeable

  • Professional-looking presentation tool

  • Share with others through a link, printing, or embedding

  • Change flyer settings - disable comments and related flyers

Explain: Integration Ideas

Take a look at some of these examples of the uses of Smore. Look through the links and ideas to find ways you can use it at your school.

  1. Student Poster/Presentation
  2. Teacher/Administrator Newsletter
  3. Back to School Newsletter
  4. IC Weekly Coaching Connection Example 1
  5. IC Weekly Coaching Connection Example 2
  6. Gateway Elementary School Tour Information for Parents
  7. PD: A-Team Process Reminders
  8. Research Pathfinder - Direct students to relevant information
  9. Biography Research Report
  10. Trustworthy Research for Students
  11. Professional Development Tutorials
  12. Class Newsletters
  13. Monthly Newsletters
  14. Counselor's Corner Newsletter
  15. Intro to a Curriculum Unit or Lesson
  16. Showcase Student Projects
  17. Google Classroom PD
  18. Announcement flyers for events, clubs, sales, or fundraisers
  19. Presenting the pros or cons of an issue
  20. Travel brochure for state/country research
  21. Book report
  22. Flipped classroom

Elaborate: Give it a try!

Let's get you started! If you want to sign in and play around, go ahead! If you want to go through it together with me, then we will do so!

Think about what you want to make! Classroom Newsletter? Flipped Lesson?


What ways do you plan on using Smore this year?

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