Come to my "GREEN CLEAN" party!

Make your home GREEN with Norwex today!

Make your home safer without chemicals!

I'm inviting like minded people like me who want to make sure their homes are safe and healthy for you, your family and your pets! Improve your quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemical in personal care and cleaning!! Come on over and find out how to clean your home faster, safer and more cost efficient with just water and our amazing Norwex technology - it's completely amazing!!!!!!!

Green Clean Norwex Party

Sunday, Nov. 17th, 1-3pm

Jill's Home

3560 S 14th St

Milwaukee, WI 53221

RSVP 414-931-1421, call or text

Here's what to expect

Amanda, my consultan,t is going to show us how it is possible to clean your home WITHOUT the use of chemicals! She'll be doing demos using Norwex cloths and ONLY WATER to clean up messes like butter and raw chicken drippings...and she can prove that their products leave NOTHING behind! Check out this video for sneak peek...


THIS is the reason I wanted to host a party...I must have this cleaning product.

Norwex Sanira Toilet Cleaning System

And check out window cleaning - no chemicals!!!

Norwex Cleaning Outside Windows - Spring Cleaning Tips - Streak free Windows

And floor cleaning?!?! Easy, no chemicals, no steam cleaning...

The Norwex Mop Demo