Adoration of Jenna Fox Project

By: Jerry G 3rd period Chordas

Jenna Fox Summary

Jenna Fox is Matthew and Claire's miracle child, because their other children died before they lived long. Her parents were obsessed with her. They video-taped her a lot and they loved her a lot and would do anything to save her. That's when the idea of doing any thing to save her came into action. Jenna was in a terrible car accident. She was saved using her dad's product, biogel, which is an advanced gel that can sense things like a normal body could and could learn things twice as fast. Her parents filled so much biogel to save her that 90% of her body was biogel! Jenna was then in a year-long coma and woke up screaming. When she woke up, she was clueless about her history and was ordered to watch these videos that her parents took. Even though Claire (her mom) is trying to guide her to find her old identity, Jenna wants to change and have a brand new identity. Jenna then goes through many events like going to school. She meets many new friends, like Allys, Ethan, and Mr.Bender, and she has to hide one fact. Jenna is illegal, and she has to hide from the government.
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The Adoration of Jenna Fox's theme analysis

There are many themes in the book of "The Adoration of Jenna Fox". One theme is finding your identity. This is what Jenna was struggling to do in the whole book. She had lost her memory of her past and was struggling to find her identity. She had no clue about who she ever was and wants to start a new life. She thinks this because she wants to be herself, not what her parents want her to be. This thought also confuses her because she likes her parents and was their "miracle child," and she doesn't want to make her parents regret their decision to save her. Another theme is "what makes up a live person?" In "The Adoration of Jenna Fox," Jenna finds out that she only has 10% of her brain and begins to ask herself if she is actually human. She begins to ask what percentage of artificial body is "human," and begins to realize if her soul could've been preserved in the accident, or if her soul is actually her own, not anyone else's. Even though Jenna has human attributes like emotion and her 5 senses, she still realizes that she may not be human. The last theme is that you control your own destiny. In the book, Claire wanted Jenna to be a different person than Jenna wanted to be. Claire wanted Jenna wanted to be the "old Jenna" that was before the accident. Claire set up rules to block her ability to do whatever Jenna wanted like the ability to explore the world, and instead, she had to stay home. In the end, Jenna became more independent and started going against her mom's ideas.
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In my society, a legal human had to be born from a mother's womb, or they can only use legal technology to reproduce 10% of their body. A legal person couldn't have an artificial brain with artificial uploaded information. Body parts such as legs and arms can only be partially replaced with legal technology. A legal person may not use any body enhanced drugs to speed up growth or to grow bigger or stronger, or use steroids. A full body part may not be replaced with legal technology besides prosthetics. A legal person may use prosthetics for legs, arms, and any body parts. In Jenna's society a legal person had to follow the point system. In the book Allys says, "Everyone gets 100 points," meaning that 100 points was a single person's limit. If one person were to exceed the amount of points they had at the current time, then they were illegal. Prosthetics were allowed as long as they didn't exceed the amount of points, and like my society, brains are pretty much illegal. In America, if you are injected with a chemical, or if you were exposed and experimented with a biological weapon, then you are illegal.

In my society, we would have a big organization like the FSEB in the Adoration of Jenna Fox, to regulate the laws for the experiments to not be illegal. The organization only could hire high-class people that are very skilled in technology or they had to have past experience to be hired, so they could look in someone's history if someone was suspicious. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, there was the FSEB. The FSEB stands for the Federal Science Ethics Board. The FSEB regulates experiments in science, bioengineering, and the people's health. The FSEB knows if you're human because Allys says," the FSEB knows if you are more human than lab creation." In America, the US government helps regulate the laws as well as the CIA that also protects the law.

In my society, the consequence for the person who does the illegal act will have to face jail for life, and the person who was acted on had to be tested, and if they passed a test, then they were free to go, but if they didn't, they would have jail for 5-20 years, depending on the answers. If they were released, they would have to be put in an isolated place, so they won't spill any secret information, making everyone want to do the illegal act. In the Adoration of Jenna Fox, if you don't follow the rule, then they will shut the hospital down and kill you. In the book, Allys says," If you don't file all of the forms, and report every procedure, they shut you down." This means that the FSEB will track you down with who Allys calls,"intelligent and qualified people" In the USA, there aren't any consequences yet, but the government may include more consequences that may be very serious. People may be sentenced to their death, or they may be in prison for life. The USA's laws many be similar to my system.

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