Secondary Update

Monday 27 April 2015

Thank you....

Adding my thanks to Mark's and Chris' for Book Week. To Maura, Gigi, Niko, Kelly, Wendy and Leanne for their work in preparation for this.

... to Adrian for hosting the parent evening last week responding to parent questions about e-assessment. This generated quite some feeling in the community which was managed well.

...Lissie, Adrian and PP supervisors for the work invested prior to last week's exhibition.

...Brian, Lis, Peter and all Yr 13 teachers for a great year and also a great finish to the time at school for this cohort. We should never underestimate the value they place on their time with us, as evidenced by their responses and sincerity last week. The CAS Celebrations and Assembly had some fabulous messages in them - a reflection of your work throughout the year.

...Fiona, Emily, Miranda, Saran, Matt D and Dionne for their help with scholarship interviews last week. We had the privilege to witness some wonderful auditions and without question, the interviews are a highlight of my year. Difficult choices to make - decisions soon.

... to Tina, Ophelia, Annette, Asa, Mark M, Lissie, Adrian and Sue who are supporting the Y6 Exhibition groups. I know our contributions are appreciated and a great opportunity to work across the school.

Why Twitter? - Celebrate learning at our school

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You are anonymous...because all tweets go out under school name @DCHKlearning

All tweets 'vetted' by communications so you can't make a mistake!

Start with one per week?

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Planning for 15/16

  • We have enlisted Maureen O'Rourke's (edPartnerships) assistance to help us look at 'next steps' as a school.
  • We will be asking you all for some contribution at some stage - details soon.
  • Voluntary staff meeting as we did with Pam Ryan a couple of years back. If interested in being involved, keep Tuesday 12 May 3.30pm free, for possibly up to 2hrs