Led zeppelin

Stairway to heaven

About the band:

The genre is hard rock. The band members are Jimmy page- guitar, Robert Plant-vocals, John Bonham-drums, John Paul Jones-keyboard. The instruments used in this song are piano, guitar, bass, And drums. "Stairway to heaven" was released on their fourth studio album in 1971. The guitar introduction is one of the most famous pieces ever played on the guitar, but it was borrowed from a song called Taurus, by Spirit, who were on tour with Led Zeppelin at the time. "Stairway to heaven" is one of the biggest selling music sheet publications in rock history. Since 1971, it has sold 1.2 million copies.

How i was introduced to this song.

When i first heard this song either one of my family members or my guitar teacher showed it to me. I like this song because it's very unique, and it has a good rthym. I also like it because the lyrics are catchy.