Angus Reeve

Hey Angus, Sicily was really fun and I'll never forget that one time you swapped L1 classes with WIll! Gym with you was always fun and just wanted to say have a great time in Uni! Boris
Angusss, you will always be my love, no matter how much you try to deny it, our secondary years together were amazing! aha no i've known you for ages and I'm so glad we've stayed friends for so long. Thinking way back to St-Michel days up to now, we've been through a crazy amount together! My earliest memory of you was in kindergarten when you and Will tried to confuse me and say that you were in fact Will and he was Angus. I'll always remember all the times we played in the big garden of your old house with your neighbours that we threw tennis balls at over the fence or something! And in the new house, jumping on the trampoline and seeing your neighbour cut the grass in his underwear! You'll have to come visit me in Ireland just to see how much better it is than England. And we'll have to meet up for the 6 nations matches when Ireland will surely be beating England! I'll miss you lots, love from Francesca xxx
Guuus you're my favourite Arsenal I mean United I mean Norwich fan!! After a couple of school trips and many fifa games (in which I always beat you of course) and after going to London with you to a Latin exam (bit nerdy I know) I think our biggest challenge was doing well in our economics classes and doing what others do in half the time! I hope we for many more football games on napolitan beaches and for many random surprise visits to your house.


Neighbour! Thanks for all the games of football in the Bois! They were top class! And that rigged football tournament in 6th year haha! Best of luck at uni! And I can't wait for another game of football when we're back home for holidays!
Gus, we have shared some great times throughout my four years in Brussels. I remember that you where one of the first few people to make me feel welcome in Brussels, for that I am really grateful. I'm glad that we have become such great friends. We have shared so many classes together and I couldn't think of many other people i'd want to sit beside. I love the way you are so passionate about everything you do, you always try and give 100% to everything. Even though you support possibly the worst team in England I really hope to hear from you in the future mate! Thanks for everything and good luck! Carlos ❤
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