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Type of Music and History

Merengue is usually played in spanish clubs. The people that are usually associated with the Merengue are the Dominicans. Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic. A musical influence on the Merengue was the Haitian Dance the Mereng.

Characteristics of The Merengue

Merengue is usually written in 2/4. The main instruments/arrangements for this type of tambourines, saxophones, drums, the accordion and the güira. Also, Merengue can be played with vocal arrangements. Merengue can usually be found playing at the Santo Domingo Merengue Festival, and at night clubs. You can usually wear whatever you'd like when dancing the merengue. Some famous artists associated with Merengue are Elvis Crespo(Suavemente), Wilfrido Vargas(Volvere), Harry Belafonte(Jump in the Line) and Buster Poindexter(Hot, Hot, Hot).

Dancing the Merengue

The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic and has an interesting dance step where the dancer limps and drags one foot.

Merengue Today

The projected future of Merengue is very promising, as they have developed a different type of Merengue. Merengue today is still associated with the Dominican Republic and can be found in festivals and night clubs.