Internet Safety

What you need to know to protect yourself online!

Guidlines for Internet Safety

  1. When online, do not communicate with strangers. Never agree to meet someone you met online in person.
  2. Tell an adult or guardian if a stranger contacts you through a chat room, email or text messaging.
  3. Do not enter/share your personal information (your name, address, age, phone number, birthday, email address, where you go to school, and other facts about you) for any reason, unless your mom or dad says it's okay (Dowshen).
  4. Watch for more great tips!

Importance of Internet Safety and Ethics

It is important to exercise caution when accessing the internet to avoid giving people personal information that puts your wellbeing at risk. In addition, we must use the internet ethically to avoid harming the wellbeing of others. The internet is an amazing resource that should be used by all for education and improvement.


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