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Week of September 28, 2015

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

As we close out the first six weeks of school, I know that each of you will take time to review common assessment data so as to identify strengths and weaknesses at your schools as well as to ensure that students and teachers are supported with targeted interventions that meet their specific needs. For the next 2 weeks, I will focus on the data at your schools as well as your systems for data analysis. Some of you will be hosting your data meetings this week and others will host meetings next week. Hopefully, I am able to hear the data conversations as I visit PLCs this week. Please ensure that teachers bring the actual test to the data meetings so that they are able to be clear regarding possible student misconceptions. Another key to effective data meetings is to ensure that the data analysis tool disaggregates the data by individual student, demographic group and SE.

Kudos go out to Dionel at Dunbar for already getting started with data analysis. He and his APs have analyzed ISIP data as well as math data so as to form small group interventions. Several of you may be using various tools such as All in Learning or Schoolnet to track your data. Please be very intentional with your data and systems for monitoring progress. Data should be a part of all that you do from your after- school interventions to your DOL tracking. Let's get organized so that we can respond to the data.

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Balanced Literacy

Thanks to each of you for encouraging your K-2 and 3-5 teachers to attend the Literacy Cadre training at Rhoads last week. Your teachers were very attentive and asked great questions. I will send you the action plan for implementing the PD that they received as soon as I can get a scanned copy. Please share the action plan with your AP and ICs so that they can support teachers as they attempt to implement the professional development. A special "Thank you" goes out to Mr. Wright, the AP at MLK, for showing up to support the MLK teachers who attended.

Action Plans Due Tuesday

Michelle and I will be at Dunbar on Monday, September 28, 2015 at 3:30 to review and provide feedback on your action plans. This is only for those of you who would like additional support. We hope this session will assist you with ensuring that your plans meet the guidelines as required by Title 1.

Lincoln Hosts Education Forum Featuring Diane Ravitch

Coaches' Corner

AF Carole Mathieu wants to make sure that principals are kept in the loop regarding her communication with ICs. The following information will go out to ICs this week:

TOT (Trainer of Trainers)

Thank you to all those who attended the department TOT Just in Time training last week. The ultimate purpose of the training was for you to go back and train your campuses. By now, your presenter should have sent the PowerPoint and handouts from last week’s training. If not, please contact your presenter. Also, you may contact Jill Culmo for K-2 RLA, Laura Jenkins for 3-12 RLA, Lucy Ford K-12 STEM Math, and Jacqueline Samuel for K-12 STEM Science. Be creative and brainstorm ways you can present the information to your teachers such as a grade level meeting, lunch and learn, chat and chew, and etc. Please complete the attached google doc form.

TRS (TEKS Resource System)

Part of the elementary training is to get CIC’s familiarized with TRS. As you prepare to add this portion to your training for the teachers, please check the list that I will send to see who has access to it. If your name or school isn’t on the list, please contact Jill Culmo for access and clarity.

CIC Meeting

Our first CIC meeting will be in October, a confirmed date and time is forthcoming.

Face-to-Face Feedback

I have really enjoyed modeling and observing the face-to-face feedback that you are providing as a support to your teachers. Please continue to work with your APs and ICs to ensure that the feedback being provided is bite-sized and high leverage. If I have not finished this cycle at your school, I will complete that this week. Please thank your teachers for allowing us to perfect our practice.

Lincoln Culinary Program Receives Positive Recognition

On the Horizon

. Aug. 31-Sept. 25-ISIP Reading Inventory (BOY)-Grades K-2

· Sept. 15-Oct. 15-Hispanic Heritage Month

· Sept. 28-Oct. 8-Initial Elementary G/T Testing-Grades 1st-5th

. Sept. 28- SLO and PDPs due from all teachers

. Sept. 28- Action plan support @ Dunbar 3:30 p.m.

· September 29-ACT School Day Program-Grade 12

. Sept. 29- Action Plans due to me (copy Michelle)

. Sept. 30- Lincoln/Madison students tour UT Austin

. October 1- SLOs and PDP approved by administrators

. October 6- TEI Expert meeting @ Madison 4:45-5:45 p.m.

TEI Reminders




September 14

TEI Evaluation Scorecards released to principals

September 14

Teachers draft 2015-16 SLO goal-setting

September 18

TEI Evaluation Scorecards released to teachers

September 18 - October 1

Rebuttal window for TEI evaluation scorecard

September 28

SLO Goal-Setting & PDPs entered into Schoolnet


October 1
Late hire/transfer: complete within 15 instructional days

Goal-setting conferences completed

Professional Development Plans (PDPs) and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) should both be discussed during the teacher’s goal-setting conference. We encourage you to complete the goal-setting conferences in early September, as conferences must be conducted and SLOs must be approved and scored in Schoolnet by October 1. The deadline for teachers to submit their SLOs and PDPs in Schoolnet is September 28th.

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