Colonize Texas!

Created by: Juliana Williams

come settle in this colony!

Have you been considering moving sometime soon? Want to settle in a place with inexpensive land and great soil for crops and the perfect amount of rainfall. inexpensive prices make it really easy to move just you or you and your family down here! Married or not you get a well priced big piece of land to start a new life on,or start a new family on! Hurry because offers so great don't last long! Want a new start? Need a bigger home? come one,come all to Texas and settle down you and your family today!

Come on,you know you want to!

Can you imagine it? A beautiful home with your children,the big open grassy space in front where your animals are.The crops growing just on the side,and to top it all off,a brand new start with a brand new home,a lot of space to do as you wish! How can you refuse such an amazing offer like this? You probably can't!
Can you see it yet? cant you just imagine the smell of the green grass? the look of the sunset in the sky in the evenings? don't you think it sounds perfectly amazing? I know I think its amazing,come to Texas we have got what you want in store!