The Yupik Eskimos

By Olivia and Brige

A Little Backround knowlage first

.The men and the woman lived separate houses

.They lived in the west part of Alaska

.They were very conservative because of where they lived

Food , Hunting , and Clothing

The Yupik tribe lived in the southwestern part of Alaska and because it was so cold they did not grow food they hunted there food in the ocean . They ate fish, whales and seals . In the small rivers they iced fished for small game. They used whale blubber and seal skin for clothing.
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Gods,Religon,and Healers

.They had a Shaman to heal their people
.they had a mix religions they were: of Russian a throaty,Catholicism,Moravia

Art and music

.They made some music by slapping a flexible stick against a drum
.They made art by painting pictures on animal skins,they also used beads and string to make a story line.

Press the button underneth to open a link to listin to some music from the Yupik tribe .

Trading and money

.They didn't trade because they were so far away.
.They didn't have money instead they would do favors for each other in return.
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There Language

.They spoke in Latin wrote Russian

Were they lived

.They lived in Alaska
.Some of them also lived in Canada
.It was always snowy there
.They were nomatic and they lived in movebal homes like t-pees
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government , living arangments , and edication

.The women in the Yupik tribe lived in small igloos with the children and educated them
.The men in the Yupik tribe lived in one large igloo and the food that they caught would go to The women to cook and then they would eat the dinner together in the men's igloo
.The wife's and husbands were chosen by the parents. this was called an arranged marriage.
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