NBPS Scholastic Literacy Pro

Congratulations, your school now has Scholastic Literacy, a blended solution that ensures all your K–8 students enjoy purposeful independent reading every day with over 2,300 ebooks and thousands of Think More quizzes to increase comprehension. Spanish titles are also included.

*Remember, students need to read independently for at least 20 minutes each day to boost their reading proficiency.

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How do students and staff access Scholastic?

In order to log in to use the Scholastic Literacy Pro, students and staff can log in through Clever. Since Clever pulls from our OnCourse, all the students' information will be transferred as with our other subscriptions.

Click Below To Watch A Video Giving Directions & A Quick Overview

Scholastic Lit Pro Overview

Teacher Directions

  1. Go to the Clever login page: https://clever.com/oauth/instant-login?client_id=9e3ffb2f05418b8ed16f&district_id=57486574e24a8101000001dd
  2. Enter your Clever username and password
  3. To activate the Scholastic resource, type in your access code provided by school below, and then select Submit.
  4. That's it! You now have access to this resource and so do your students.
  5. If you do not add or launch the app with the access code below, your students will not have access.
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Scholastic Lit Pro Login For Kids
Literacy Pro provides students with a personalized bookshelf filled with titles aligned to their interests and grade levels. When every reading experience is a positive one, students discover more about themselves through the joy of reading. We created Literacy Pro to give time back, do the heavy lifting, and be a tool that educators can lean on to enhance instruction and get a deeper understanding of their students.
How do I get started?

Click here to watch a recorded webinar on how to get started. Remember students and staff will be using Clever to login.

Share this presentation with families

Encourage parents to watch this slideshow, available in English and in Spanish, to learn about the importance of Literacy Pro.

Progress Monitoring

Students can set and monitor personal goals, thereby empowering themselves to take charge of their own reading. Challenge your students to use Scholastic this Summer and create a goal for their Summer Reading.
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