and his life

Life Before Politics

Tony Abbott was born on the 24th November 1957, his university was Oxford, one of the highest recognised univesities in the world whilst he was there he did a bit of boxing. He later moved to Australia and begean studying to become a priest, he then became a journalist and even owned a small concreate plant afterwards.


Tony Abbott is 55 and has a family of five. His daughters are Bridget, Frances and Louise his wife, Louise, speks along with Tony Abbott in some public speaches. Tony Abbott has been involved in politics for twenty years. He got promoted to the leader of the Liberal party in 2009 and has been the opposition leader of Julia Gilard (the 1st female PM in Australia) and Kevin Rudd. He was recently elected on the 8th of September 2013 and is planning to get rid of the Carbon Tax, The National Broadband Network and to stop Asylim Sekeers coming to Ausralia.