Puerto Rico is an commonwealth

which it's an area that is self-governing but under a constitution of the US and whose right of self-government can not be unilaterally withdrawn by Congress

Currency is another form of US dollars

Interesting Places

El Yunque is a forest located in northeastern Puerto Rico. It is the only topical rain forest in the US.

Castillo de San Cristoba is a Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was built by Spain to protect against land based attacks on the city of San Juan

Arecibo observatory is a radio telescope in the municipality of Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

La Ceiba de Ponce is a passive park in barrio San Antón, Ponce, Puerto Rico

El Morro is a 16th-century citadel in San Jose, Puerto Rico

Types of dances in Puerto Rico

Bomba y Plena

They are two different types of music that deal with dances

Bomba is described as a dialogue between dancer and drummer and Plena is described the use güiro, a dried-out gourd whose surface is cuts with parallel grooves and, when rubbed with a stick

Puerto Rico Bomba y Plena

Famous People of Puerto Rico

JJ Barea- is a Puerto Rico professional basketball player for the MInnesota Timberwolves

Jennifer Lopez- is an American businesswoman, entertainer, philanthropist and producer