directly from the castles of MacNeil and Leonard

Land of READ-A-LOT

Maidens and Lords have been reading an autobiography called Firetalking during the past two weeks. Students were given five statements about our author, Patricia Polacco and they had to find evidence to support or refute each statement!! This is big kid learning!! The students did a great job locating supportive evidence.

Missions in Math

The Kingdom has been working through the Distributive Property of Multiplication over the last two weeks! We have used manipu

Soaring in Science

Our Kingdoms have been simulating life as materials engineer. The students have been looking at two different materials and determining their properties and their structure! This work is tedious and requires teamwork!

WRITING that is Worthwhile

Our Maidens and Lords worked very hard organizing a MEL-CON this week. This type of writing is very detailed and requires the students to read a nonfiction article and search for evidence that supports a purpose question.


  • The district webpage is being rebuilt...please see our third grade blog for newsletter information and classroom updates. Go to!
  • Every student should be reading for their 300 minute monthly reading calendars!
  • December calendars are due Monday, January 6, 2014!
  • We will have 3 weeks after break to meet our AR goals!
  • Please wear a warm coat, gloves, and hats for the 30 minute recess. It is too cold outside!!
  • After school clubs begin Tuesday, January 7, 2014!
  • Family movie night is Friday, January 10, 2014.