LA Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 11th - April 15th

Reader's Workshop

  • We continue reading with our Audio Book Clubs this week. We will analyze literary elements and respond to novel journal prompts with our book clubs. Though novel work will be done collaboratively, students will receive an individual grade for their personal commentary (TEST GRADE) and for their contribution to the Picture Book Project (TEST GRADE). The Picture Book Project will be created in class and the due date will be dependent on the completion of the novel.
  • Our Idiom Of The Week is: Head In The Clouds and our IOW Activity is due on Friday, April 15th.
  • We will need to correctly answer (25) Membean questions via Learning Sessions by Thursday, April 14th.
  • There is no Membean Quiz this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • We will continue working on our Fantasy Book Project this week. Our Fantasy Book Project will be a Book Box containing four (4) symbols that represent our book. The project will also include an editorial about our book using persuasive strategies and language. Class time will be given for this book project. However, work will need to be completed at home if class time is not used effectively.
  • Our Fantasy Book Project Rough Draft is due on Wednesday, April 27th.
  • Our Fantasy Book Project Final Draft will be due on Wednesday, May 4th.
  • We will also present our Fantasy Box to the class for a Test/Project Grade on Wednesday, May 4th.
  • We will continue writing our "Up" Movie Review. We will apply persuasive strategies and persuasive language to our review .
  • We will begin exploring and identifying ADVERBS this week. By week's end, we will begin applying our knowledge of ADVERBS by creating an Adverb Bot. We will create our Adverb Bot in class and it will be due on Wednesday, April 20th.