The new sport energizer now on sale!

What is Energex?

Energex is the new sports energizer on sales now! Energex has been approved by world class athletes from all over the world such as Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. Energex hydrates and replenishes yourself while doing sports as you have never felt before!

Why Energex and not other similar well-known products?

Well, Energex is 100% made of natural ingredients. It has been catalogued as the most healthy sports drink as it does not contain any conservants or caffeine. Also, Energex has the best price when comparing it with the quantity bought. We have different sizes on sale starting from the 200ml to 1.5 litres. Energex also features different flavours, some traditional such as apple and orange but we also have mixed flavours and others never seen before in sports drinks such as kiwi or mango.

So, were can i find Energex and in which price?

Energex has been on sale for a few weeks but with great sales up to now, so you will probably find Energex in your nearest supermarket! Prices are very affordable for any athlete who wants to have a good run:
200ml - 18$
500ml- 38$
1 litre - 56$
1.5 litre- 75$

Our production

Energex industries is looking for investors for this important project which in the future will seek for more goals. We are also considering other projects due to Energex success in South America. Energex is planning to move forwards to other more competitive markets such as the United States where the predominant sports drink brand is Gateorade. Our 500 employees work non-stop to bring Energex everywhere in the country. Up to now more than 50.000 Energex have been sold to customers in only two months and we are expecting these numbers to increase. Waiting you to


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