Mrs. Coleman's Weekly News!

December 3-7

Literacy Activities!

This week we read a new book, "Little Panda". The book is non-fiction and tells the story of a newborn panda from the San Diego Zoo. It shows his growth and development through his first year. The book includes vocabulary words: measure, explore, weigh, examine, discover and explains each of them for the baby panda. They completed a Venn diagram to show the comparisons of the mother and baby using cut and paste typed facts. Everyone completed reading centers including, a rhyming board game, sight word search, guided reading, and writing sentences using new beginning blends.

Math Skills!

In Math centers they completed counting and ordering by 2's to 30/ 5's to 50, addition/subtraction flashcards, skip counting game and lastly, number ordering and writing to 30.


In Science we continued our space/ day and night study. The competed a booklet identifying day and night pictures, and created a picture using construction paper showing sunrise to sunset throughout the day. They used a rocket ship paper to write three facts about the moon, and shared with the class. They all are very excited about their planets, and I'm looking forward to seeing their projects on December 17! :)

Great site for planet info! :)

Christmas Tree Craft!

Specialty Classes!

Specialty link!


Book Swap for students next Friday. Please send three books for each to donate to recieve three new books!

Food drive! Please continue to donate!

Christmas Break for Kindegarten Dec 19- Jan. 3!

Polar Express Party Dec. 18!

Kindergarten Food Drive! Nov. 23- January 1st!

Please support the Food Drive! Donate items outside in the classroom boxes!
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