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MUSIC with Mrs. Williams!

This is my 6th year at Cameron ISD and I am so glad to be a Yoemen. Singing, dancing, playing instruments, and learning to compose their own songs are just a few of the things we do in music class. I believe that school is not only about core academic classes, but about expanding our knowledge and discipline to all areas of education.

My goal is for your kids to have hands on experience playing, listening and creating music. And to have fun learning! How boring is a world where we are not allowed to create and have new experiences...


Upcoming events

4th grade Musical "Annie"

Wednesday February 3rd 2PM @ Ben Milam

Thursday February 4th 6:30pm @ the PAC

Friday February 5th 2pm @ CES

1st grade "Deep in The Heart of Texas" April 2016

5th grade Recorder Concert May 12, 2016 @ the PAC

Classroom activities

3rd grade getting some drum lessons

Pre-K Christmas Performance

They were too cute!
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5th graders composing rhythms with 16th notes

Supporting our High School Band on their way to STATE!!!

2nd graders composing rhythms with playdoh

Students learning the difference between major ( happy sounds) and minor(sad sounds) scales

3rd grade learning about the History of our country through music!

We have been learning about the Star-Spangled Banner in preparation for our Veterans Day performance. We have studied the lyrics( there are some tough vocabulary words for a third grader... Dawn, hailed, twilight, perilous, gallantly, streaming, ramparts,YIKES!) memorized the entire song, and learned about the original creation of the Star-Spangled Banner. Click below to learn the story!!!

The original Star-Spangled Banner

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Our Star Spangled Replicas

Star Spangled Replicas

Music at Cameron Elementary

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Music at Ben Milam Elementary

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