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May 28, 2021

North Elementary

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Principal's Points

North Families,

As we come to the end of this academic year, it is with great pride that I can look back at the many achievements of the children. They have worked so hard and with ever-changing demands made on us by a new and challenging curriculum. In an unprecedented year our students, families, and staff have stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. Not only did students overcome the many challenges that COVID created but they did it while being in person the entire year. Yes, there were bumps but because of the dedication of staff, families, and students, we made it without closing our doors so that our students could get the best education possible.

The many values that have been on display throughout the year have particularly come to the fore as we end the term – resilience when tackling a particularly tricky problem whether it is in class or a problem between friends; courage in coping with changes; love and honesty towards all members of the school community; appreciation and happiness for each other and all the opportunities they are given within the school – which all strengthen their character and their ability to make the most of every aspect of school life. These life skills continue to drive how our students treat one another.

Our students SHINE'd each day and focused on Saftey first, Having respect, Integrety, the North way and Exellence each and every day!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their hard work this year. It has been a year of changes and they have embraced this with goodwill and continued to provide the best education for the children.

I would also like to thank all parents and carers for their support this year. A great deal of what we do in school cannot be achieved without you and your co-operation and backing and that is doubly so this year. Many thanks and we look forward to starting a new year after a much-deserved break.

Finally, I would like to wish all children who are leaving us at the end of this academic year all the very best on their journey. I know that they have all had a great start here at North and know that they will go on to achieve great things in the future.

Have a wonderful summer and look for the return of Popsicles with Principals, Ice Cream Social, and the Blast in July!

Rob Lugo

Proud Principal of North Elementary

Virtual Learners

It’s hard to believe that this school year is almost complete. With the pandemic, we were all unsure what this year would look like yet everyone pivoted in ways they didn’t know they could in order to continue learning in school and online. I am so proud of our students who were virtual this year and thankful for their families. Online learning is a true partnership between the teacher, schools and families. I loved seeing the learning that has taken place - we’ve had children who have learned to read online. We have children who have been engaged in thoughtful conversations with their peers online. We have had children who have created digital projects and shared them with their class and others. Though online learning may have seemed like a daunting task for all, everyone came together and made it happen. I am grateful for our online teachers, all who changed roles at the beginning of the year to teach online. Everyone had the student learning at the center and worked hard to create valuable experiences for children. I know that your child is coming to school next year with new learning, new skills, and new habits. Please know that we are here to support your child in the transition. If you have any questions, reach out to your child’s teacher, their home school, and/or me (Jennifer Wheat Townsend).

Upcoming Events, Announcements, and Reminders

5/31 Memorial Day - No school

6/2 Last day of school for students

6/13 Last day to order school supply kits (see flyer below)

7/13 -7/14 Kindergarten Assessments

7/15 Popsicles with the Principals (more details to come this summer)

7/29 Ice Cream Social 4pm-6pm

7/30 Back To School Bash

8/2 First day of school

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Counselor's Corner

25 Activities to Keep Kids’ Brains Active in Summer

  1. Use pencils, drawing paper and rulers to create, decorate and fill in their own summer calendar.
  2. Teach kids to cook with step-by-step lessons and recipes.
  3. Make homemade bubble solution and experiment with unique bubble-blowing tools such as string, milk containers and garbage can lids.
  4. Read aloud The Paper Crane by Molly Bang then try the art of paper folding.
  5. Go on a walk and write down what you observe.
  6. Create musical instruments from materials found around the house.
  7. Cool down on a hot day by enjoying an ice cream treat.
  8. Read aloud your favorite fairy tale then act it out.
  9. Catch fireflies then go online or to the public library to learn facts about fireflies.
  10. Create a picture using dots and numbers then have a family member connect the dots.
  11. Make a cartoon flip book by stapling together pieces of plain paper. Kids draw a sequence of cartoons and simulate motion as they “flip” through the pages.
  12. Learn about national parks online or by going to the public library and looking at books.
  13. Start a rock collection and identify the rocks you found.
  14. Plan with your child a family activity day. Help your child research events and activities in your area.
  15. Take a campus tour of a college or university online to help your child learn more about his/her future.
  16. Design an original paper airplane.
  17. Start a family or neighborhood book club.
  18. Hang a white sheet outside at night and shine a light on it. Observe the variety of insects it draws.
  19. Have your child design and draw the layout for their dream bedroom.
  20. Play a board game and practice taking turns.
  21. Use food coloring and water to change white flowers into colorful flowers.
  22. Play a math game.
  23. Use magazine scraps or old wallpaper to make paper beads. String them and make a necklace.
  24. Watch a movie together and talk about what lifeskills the characters used.
  25. Help your child write a letter to a relative and mail it.

*Information adapted from

News From the Gym

Thank you Genesis Church for letting us borrow your 9 square!

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Kids Heart Challenge

Oakley raised $2572.78!
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Angela jumped rope for 5 minutes and 43 seconds!
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News from the Nurse

PARENTS OF 5th GRADERS: Immunization requirements for 2021-2022: ALL 5th graders going to 6th grade will need: 1 MCV4 (Meningococcal), 1 Tdap (Tetanus and Pertussis). These are shots only given to this age group and/or when entering middle school. Noblesville Schools require a complete record by the first day of school. Once your child receives the immunization, return an updated copy of your child’s shot records to the school nurse.

Medication Pick-Up: ALL medications need to be picked up in the clinic by a parent/guardian no later than Wednesday, June 2nd. Medications cannot be sent home with students per Noblesville school policy. Any medications not picked up by June 2nd will be destroyed.

Attention 5th graders going to NWMS for the 21-22 school year

School Supplies for 21-22 School Year:

If you are interested in ordering school supplies for your student, they are available to order now until June 14th. Go to The code for NWMS is NOB032. The supplies will be delivered to NWMS and put in your student’s locker prior to the first day of school.

NWMS 6th Grade Open House

Tuesday, July 27th, Noblesville West Middle School will hold their 6th Grade Open House at various times throughout the day to provide families with flexibility to attend. Our open house sessions will be as follows; 9:00AM-11:00AM, 1:00PM-3:00PM, and 5:00PM-7:00PM.

This date (July 27th) is just for our 6th graders and will be a time for our Future Millers and their parents to get acquainted with NWMS. Parents and students will be able to pick up a paper copy of their schedule, find their classrooms, walk your student's schedule with them, help set up and decorate their locker, and walk around the building.

Coming to your email inbox soon! Be on the lookout for a special edition 6th Grade Welcome letter from Mr. Haughey, Principal at Noblesville West Middle School.

Community News

Miller Explorers Summer Camp 2021

June 7 - July 23, 2021

Registration opens on May 10th

Click here for more information

Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville

Summer program options for ages 6-13

Open now through July 30, 2021

Click here for more information.

Noblesville Elementary Football League (NEFL)

Fall Football/Cheer (Grades K-6)

Registration closes June 15, 2021

Click here for more information.

Cub Scouts / Scouts BSA

Grades K-8

Free registration now through May 31st

Click here for more information

Hamilton County, in partnership with Purdue University, is studying broadband access in our area. Results from their study will help the county seek funding to improve local online connectivity. Please go here to complete the survey.

The Forest Park Aquatic Center is offering special reduced admissions for certain days this summer