Smokeless Tobacco: Chew

By: Michael & Andrew

What is it?

Smokeless tobacco is a form of tobacco that is not smoked. It is the tobacco plant after being dried and ground into small particles. The main form of smokeless tobacco is chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco is commonly called snuff, dip, or spit, and is used by people putting it in their mouth and sucking on it then spitting it out. There is other types of smokeless tobacco like snuff, which is tobacco that is sniffed, but chew is the main one.

Where did it come from? Who really made it popular in America?

Smokeless tobacco has been around for a very LONG time.
- Chew really originated in North America and South America
- Snuff was most common in Europe and Scandinavia
Baseball players were the most influential in introducing or the popularity of chew in America.
  • Moistness of the mouth- then would spit the saliva on their gloves to keep them moist as well
  • A popular baseball pitch was the spitball. The spitball was basically just a ball that was covered in tobacco spit, and moved a lot.

The use of chew decreased in the 50's because more people started to smoke, then in the 70's people figured out the harmful effects of smoking and chew became common once again.


  • Chemical in tobacco that makes it adictive
  • When the nicotine gets into the bloodstream it acts as a stimulant, it speeds up the nervous system, it makes the heart beat faster, and it raises blood pressure. After the body feels the "High" of being on the stimulant it wants more, and that is what makes nicotine addictive.
  • The Picture here is of Twists, or strands of tobacco, in which nicotine is found.

Who Uses Tobacco?

2011 Survey
  • 3.2% of people 12 years of age, and older, have used smokeless tobacco. This is about 8.2 million people.
  • 44% of people that use smokeless tobacco admitted to starting before the age of 18.
  • Smokers that are trying to quit smoking sometimes try to use Smokeless tobacco as a safe alternative to smoking, but it is just as harmful, as smoking a cigarette.

Users/Why people start?

Here are some reasons why people start chewing:
  • Parent Examples
  • Peer pressure
  • Local Customs
  • Use of other drugs/alcohol

These are only a few reasons why people start using chew but there are many other factors that play a role in people taking up chewing.

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