A few things from first grade

Room 108

Valentines Day

We will be delivering valentines on Friday morning, so please have your child bring those in if they haven't already.

The Valentine party is on Friday from 2:45-3:45. If you would like to join us or help out please let Heather Serwin know!

Thank you for making the valentine boxes at home! They are so cute!

Jump Rope for Heart

The kids had an assembly in the gym this morning to kick off Jump Rope for Heart!

A few of you have been wondering how you get the duck coupons if donations are made online. I have been told that the email takes over 24 hours with the ticket to earn a duck.

We will be jumping in the gym from 1:30-2:15 tomorrow. If you would like to join us, please let Mrs. Monson know!

100 Days of School

Can you believe that we have been in school for 98 days already! We will be celebrating 100 days of school on Friday! The kids will be doing some fun activities and making a Fruit Loop necklace of color patterns. (We will be snacking on a few too!)

I believe...

Our opinion writing is going so well! We are learning how to state our opinion and write reasons why we believe it to be true. We are also learning to respectfully disagree with another person's opinion! We are having lots of fun! Soon we will be trying to persuade others to agree with us! Good luck at the dinner table when your child tries to persuade you to why he or she deserves ice cream after dinner! :)


A HUGE thank you goes out to Andreas and Tara Pack who have so generously volunteered to sponsor first grade and run off hundreds of books at Mr. Pack's work, HUSCO International, in Waukesha! We appreciate the time and resources it took to accomplish such a feat and look forward to using these new resources in our guided reading groups for all of first grade to share!

Trivia Night

I am completely overwhelmed by the things being donated for our fundraising basket, "It's Five o'clock Somewhere"! I am so excited about this amazing basket and can't wait to see it all put together! Thank you for your amazing support in this! I hope to see some of you there on February 28th. :)

Box Tops

Keep sending them in! We have quite a collection already! Watch for when Pick N Save runs special deals where you can earn BONUS points!

One More Thank You!

I just have to say thank you again for all the parents who have volunteered to send in supplies for our fun activities, do miscellaneous projects at home for me, and developed film for our memory books so far this year! I am so lucky to have such supportive parents and incredibly sweet kids!