Washington Update

Family Communicator - September 7, 2020

Teacher Assignments for Upcoming School Year

Our teachers are wiling and ready to support students at the Washington School this year. Rosters are coming in and we are assigning students to classes. Here is our plan.

Our Pre-K-Grade 4 plan is the following:

  • One remote classroom and one in person classroom
  • 2 multiage classrooms for students learning English.
  • 3 in school classrooms with students with Autism (CSA).
  • Allied arts for all kids through a virtual format (Art, Music, Content Literacy, Gym)

Here are the teacher assignments for this school year. CSA teachers include Ms. Morehouse, Mr. Cruz, and Mr. Donovan. Please be aware that assignments could change depending on student opt-in rosters.
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Save the Date!!! - Remote Learning Orientation

We will have a Zoom meeting with families to discuss remote learning! We will have 2 sessions and it will be recorded. We are waiting until the final week to make sure we can give you the best information!

September 14th - 12:00pm

September 15th - 5:00pm

Links will be sent out soon.


All students will get computers for work this year. You do not have to share computers at home. If you are a remote learner, please plan on picking up the computers between September 14th-16th at the Washington School. We will have a detailed schedule once we receive the devices. Most students will be getting Chromebooks and others will be getting MacBooks. We are attempting to set up the computers prior to this date so everything is ready to go. In School students will get their computers on the first day of school.

Remote Learning Information

Remote learning is an option for families. If you are concerned about safety, have medical conditions at home with family members or with your children, or are just plain unsure, you can keep your child home and participate in remote learning. Here are some of the details to aid in making your decision.

  • Remote learning will be 5 days a week.
  • All students will get a Chromebook and charger to use.
  • Daily interactions with teachers will take place.
  • Limited homework will possibly be given.
  • You will have access to the school social worker, teacher, allied arts specialists, principal, etc...
  • Remote learning will require the students to be on the Chromebook for much of the day. A lot more than the Spring.
  • Below is a possible schedule, but this is just a draft. Do not hold us to this at this time. We need to make this work for Washington staff and students. If your home working schedule cannot accommodate this schedule you can receive permission to complete work at different times of the day.

Please contact me at jmccrevan@lowell.k12.ma.us to answer additional questions.

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In Person Learning

The lottery is over and we are trying to add students off the wait list.

  • Bus transportation will be limited. If you live within 2 miles of the school, you will need to transport your children to and from school. Buses will only have 12-13 students on a big bus and 3 students on a small bus to adhere with social distancing guidelines.
  • Our classrooms are being set up with about 6 feet between each desk. Our classrooms are large compared to other schools. Our school can have 12students in each regular education classroom and 10-12 in the CSA classrooms. (Please see the picture example.)
  • This calculation allows for us to have approximately 140 students at school each day. This allows us to have 46% capacity within our school. Most schools are working with 25-30%.
  • Students will stay in class for most of the day. Teachers for art, music, and content literacy, will rotate to the classes or teach lessons through Zoom.
  • Lunch will be in the classroom or outside on nice days.
  • Students will get recess every day. We will be going outside as much as possible.
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Proactive Measures Related to Health

The Phase 2 Health Protocols Committee developed plans for many scenarios using guidance from experts. I can't give all the possible scenarios, but these are the basics with what we are doing.

  • All students must wear masks unless we have medical documentation.
  • Mask breaks will be given throughout the day.
  • We will be going outside as much as possible for instruction and breaks.
  • Classrooms will have hand sanitizer stations for all transitions, entry, and exits.
  • Families are responsible for monitoring symptoms before sending to school.
  • We will be eating in the classes or outside, not the cafeteria.
  • Windows will be open in classes. Air conditioners might not be used. Fans will circulate air instead.
  • Fogging machines will be used throughout the day to disinfect bathrooms and classrooms. When students go out for recess, we will fog the classrooms.
  • All staff will be wearing PPE equipment including masks and some staff can choose to wear face shields.
  • Air purifiers with the required Merv-14 filters will be operational in each room.
  • During good weather days attendance will be taken outside before school starts.

What is Someone has Symptoms?

We cannot stop the transmission of COVID. We can only try to mitigate exposure and spreading using the science we are provided. Please understand that by sending your children to school, it is an inherent risk. If someone has symptoms within school, here at the protocols we will be following.

  • If a student has symptoms at school, they will be moved to our medical waiting room for assessment from the school nurse. They will be in the room with adult supervision until the assessment is complete. If the nurse determines that a student has apparent symptoms they will be dismissed immediately to their family.
  • If a student has confirmed COVID, all classroom families will be notified without naming the student.
  • The confirmed COVID student will need to stay home until cleared by a test.

If a student or staff member in a classroom has confirmed COVID, the Lowell Health Department will be coordinating the case. If there is a confirmed case in the building:

  • Students and staff will need to stay home for a period of time and join remote learning. The Health Department will determine the time out of school. Students or staff exposed to COVID could be required to quarantine at home for up to 14 days. During this time students will have remote learning similar to other students.
  • Anyone in contact with the staff or student will need to stay home. Close contact at the elementary level means all students on the bus and any staff or student that is in the room for at least 15 continual minutes within 6 feet. We will keep seating charts.