Cows to ice cream

By: Morgen Hoffman


Ice cream is a very good treat. I am going to tell you how to make it and some interesting facts about it.

where does it ice cream come from?

farmers milk thousands of cows with machines. Tanker trucks take the ice cream to a factory.

how is it made

they put the milk in a blender. Then they add cream and sugar. Next flavor is added. then they get the icecream hard. next the ice-cream is poured into containers and packeged. then the ice-cream in another freezer. then trucks take the ice-cream to a store. finally buy and good to eat!

interesting facts

vanilla is the most popular ice-cream in the united states. chocolate is second. people in the united states eat more ice-cream than people in any other country. the first ice-cream factories opened during the 1850s.


i hope you like learning about ice-cream. it is my favorite treat.
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