Lunch & Learns 2016-2017 (G Suite)

Instructional Technology with Davis-Fife


Teachers and staff,

Below you can find the tentative schedule for lunch-and-learns for this school year! This year our focus is on G each month we will focus on a new Google tool.

Please register for the campus you work on during your scheduled lunch time (A,B, or C lunch).

Elementary teachers (CES & BIS) your "lunch and learn" will be offered on the first Thursday from 4:00-5:00 pm at the lab in the community building.

If any secondary teachers need an after school option, please email me and let me know. If there is extra space, you can join us on Thursdays after school.

You must attend both days of lunch to receive 1 hour of CPE credit. Credit for this year's L&L can be Curriculum, Technology or Exchange.

Registration Link:

NOVEMBER: Google Chrome, Drive, Apps & Extensions.


Day 1:

  • Google Drive (Organizing Files and learning the levels of sharing files)
  • Google Chrome (Chrome vs. Email Login, Omni bar, bookmarks, Ext.)

Day 2:

  • Google Apps
  • Google Extensions
  • Learning about Content Curriculum resources to support Ts and Ss
Google Chrome Apps VS Extensions