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Have a Fantastic Summer!

College and Career Week!

This month students celebrated College and Career Week. Students in all grade levels participated in our "When I Grow Up" Drawing Contest and won prizes from Colleges and Universities across Pennsylvania! It was such an awesome experience to see so many students reach higher for College and Career Readiness.
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Summer Ideas!

Summer Ideas With summer fast approaching, here are a few fun, healthy and family-oriented ideas to help pass the time (adapted from

1) Visit the zoo.

2) Visit an art, history or science museum.

3) Go to the park. Pack a picnic lunch and invite some friends!

4) Go fishing. Have your child learn about the different types of fish he or she could catch.

5) Go biking or hiking.

6) Go to your public library. There are many great activities and programs going on all summer long.

7) Do community service work. Pick up litter in a park, work in a shelter serving food or contact someone to find out ways the whole family can give back to the community.

8) Teach your child how to cook and bake. Measuring and learning to follow recipe instructions is a great experience for children.

9) Have your child write down their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a journal. Always keep them in the habit of writing!

10)Write letters to your friends and family. You can even send some of those wonderful works of art that are usually overflowing in your home!

Resource is from Ben Samara is Riverside’s School Counselor-Newsletter

Website for Summer! Paws in Jobland


This is a fun and interactive website for elementary aged students to use to become engaged and excited about careers and their future!

I have used this website with students in 2nd and 3rd grades for classroom lessons but would recommend it for all elementary students. There are puzzles, self-quizzes, short videos, and a whole career town! This website provides a plethora of information and is sure to keep children entertained and learning!

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