By: Morgan Roe

Self- Esteem of Me

  1. I have fairly good self-esteem, I am not bothered by what other people think about who I am.
  2. I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem, I do not act like I am above anyone else and I am realistic about what I feel.
  3. I am confident and competent in daily living activities, I am not squeamish about doing things that I have to do, or like to do everyday. But if I encounter a new activity I will only be squeamish for the first few times and then settle in a routine.
  4. I have the ability to deal with rejection. I generally don't concern myself too much about being rejected by others, although it does cross my mind from time to time. However, I don't really seem to be the the type to bend backwards in order to get and keep other people's approval- at least not too often. Rejection by the people in my life may very well hurt me and may be something I have experienced before, but I try not to let it affect what I should be worried about my life. When i respect and approve of myself, I am more likely to be able to think that no matter what anyone else says to me, I am the person that I choose to be.
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This quote talks about how no one besides yourself should be able to decide how much you are worth. Many teenagers go through depression and are bullied into thinking of themselves as other people think of them, not who they think that they really are. My advice is to be yourself and do not let others make you think otherwise.