K9 Smarties

By: Evie Gray

Why do dogs need smarts?

Without dog smarts all dogs would be hopeless and lazy. What would happen if the dog got in danger? The dog wouldn’t have smarts to use to get out of danger. Dogs have smarts to help with life, imagine a dog laying down all day doing nothing because it doesn’t have smarts. The dog would become over weight cause all that food sitting in its stomach. Really all the dog would do all day is eat, sleep, bathroom, and be lazy.

Why do you need to give your dog a treat?

Dogs are smart because when you are training a puppy and if you do not have a treat the puppy will not listen and not obey what you tell. The puppy might walk away or stare off into space. Another reason you should give your dog a treat is the dog feels better with the treat because, the puppy feels awarded when get something right. Then the dog will tend to listen and realize that if the dog gets treats for doing something good the dog will do it more. Another reason is if the dog is older and is not a puppy anymore it will be more difficult to train, and sense the dog is older and smarter than it was when a puppy the dog it would order to have a treat for it to listen.

How does the dog get smarts?

When the dog is young so a puppy the puppy can get smarts in many ways. One way is the puppy watching the other household pets in the house. The puppy can the puppy can learn is training, the owner can train the puppy and I suggest giving the puppy treats when training because, the young pup will listen to you better. Another way is the puppy to learn from its dog parents. How? Well, the mom or the dad will show the puppy how it’s done like example: a Border collie is a herding sheep dog so the mom of a Border collie will show its puppy how to herd the sheep. Just watch for days and weeks and simply learn the house routine.

How do dogs use there smarts?

Ok, for example like a Border collie it herds sheep. So, the Border collie uses its smarts by herding sheep. Every dog uses its smarts in all different ways like Bloodhounds are one breed that hunts so, the Bloodhound uses its smarts by sniffing and looking for its prey. And one last example is a St. Bernard. A St. Bernard was known for being a service dog. A service dog is a dog that helps someone who is blind or death, like a St. Bernard is a service dog so it uses its smarts by being the eyes and or the ears for the person who their helping.

10 Dogs who Deserve a Award For useing Their Smarts!

Basset Hounds

I chose this breed because it uses its nose to sniff around to explore and to find new and uncommon things. And this breed is a hound and hounds are known for hunting.

Golden Retriver

This breed is smart and is one of the most popular dogs. I chose this breed because a Golden Retriever is very easy to train. It’s a great family pet and very loyal and loving pet. And one last thing is a Golden Retriever is always up to an adventure.


This breed was known for working with the fire men. Now, a Dalmatian is a loving family pet. And this breed is a hound! So, the reason why I think this dog is smart because it was known for working with fire men so, Dalmatians had to be smart on the job because they had to sniff for bodies and they had to be smart on their step cause one move might be there last.

Irish Water Spainel

This breed of dog is very cheerful and is always eager to learn. A Spaniel has a good scent of smell and is always alert when it comes to danger. A Spaniel always stays on task and focused when it comes to work. I think this dog is smart because it is always eager to learn new things and loves to swim.

German Shepherd

A German Shepard is known for working for the K9 cop unit. It uses its smarts by using its nose to search cars and to find a person that’s missing. A German shepherd is not only known for working with the cops but this dog is a loving, loyal pet for a family.

Border Collie

A Border collie uses its smarts by herding the sheep in the right spot. This is what the Border collie does, it goes out and it has to sometimes find the sheep and get the herd to move and trust me it’s not easy.

Bracco Italiano

A Bracco Italiano plays lots of water sports and is an excellent swimmer. I think this dog is smart because this breed is very alert to danger and it will protect its family in need. This breed is very gentle and calm when not in danger.


This breed is smart because it’s known for being a watch dog. That means the dog is home alone it will stay very alert to danger. This breed is like an alarm system it barks when in danger or it fights its battle.


I think this dog is smart because this breed is known for helping blind and deaf people. This dog is trained for being eyes and the ears for that person.

Deusche Bracke

I think this dog is smart because it’s very curious and loves to explore to find new uncommon things. This breed is also known for hunting and is a loyal loving family pet.

What I think is the smartest breed.

I think that Hounds and Terriers are the top 2 smartest breeds because both breeds are hunting dogs and watch dogs and both breeds are very protective over their families. There very alert and these two breeds play lots of sports.