Intersession and Spring, 2016

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Three Courses/ January 4-19 / M-F/ 3 Credits

  • Art as Communication - Hands-on Art History 8:00-12:00 CORE

  • Printmaking - Make multiples, create an artist's book 1:00-5:00

  • Crafts as an Art Form - ceramics, cloth, wood, paper and MORE 5:30-9:30
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SPRING/January to May

Computer Assisted Graphic Design
Web Design
Ceramics I and II (A&S)
Painting II
Introduction to Sculpture
Advanced Digital Photography
Women in the History of Art
Art as Communication
Printmaking I and II
History of Modern Art
Prehistoric - Medieval Art
Art and Architecture of Western Europe
100 years of French Art (Honors)
2-D Design
Painting I
Ceramics I and II (six-week Professional Division - January&February )
Graphic Design I (six-week Professional Division - March&April
Q I don't have any experience in studio art. Do I need to have talent?
A ALL our courses are appropriate for beginners and advanced participants.
Projects are geared to every level, because your prior experience is respected - even if you have no experience!
Small classes allow plenty of Individual instruction.
If you already have some knowledge of a medium, you will be challenged to grow!
Students say working together in a relaxing environment is satisfying.
"Talent" is something everyone can develop with practice and patience. Within all of us is the ability to use self-expression to create original images.