The Sunday Message

Announcements, Resources, Celebrations 9/18/17

PTA Meeting, Tuesday, September 19th

The September PTA Meeting will be held this Tuesday, September 19th in the Media Center beginning at 8:15. Please join us to find out all of the plans PTA has been working on for this year and to provide input for upcoming activities.

Read-a-Thon Starts for Tracks 2 and 4 on Monday

The Pleasant Union and the PUE PTA is excited to announce that our 1st ever Read-A-Thon at Pleasant Union will start this week for Tracks 2 and 4. The Read-a-Thon fundraiser for Tracks 2 and 4 will run from September 18th - 29th. Tracks 1 and 3 will run from October 2 - 13th. Just 3 donations from each student will help us reach our fundraising goal. Ask your child about the various individual, class and school goals that we are striving to meet. We encourage families and businesses to contribute to this year's primary fund raiser.

How will the PTA put the fundraising to use this year?

PTA will help Pleasant Union continue to build its 21st Century Learning Environments. This includes mobile/flexible furniture, up to date technology, conference costs for our teachers to attend professional development not available at Pleasant Union, miscellaneous in-class supplies specific to your child's classroom, and support for the global learning initiative beginning this year.

Did you know that if we reach our fundraising goal of $55,000 that:

  • PUE keeps 75%: $41,250

  • Students earn 15% to spend in the Read-a-thon Prize Store for their reaching set goals
  • Only 7% goes to the Read-a-Thon organization
  • 3% goes to online transaction fees

In addition:

  • Businesses can sponsor students and the school.
  • Our fundraising efforts are immediately realized as the Read-a-Thon Fundraiser collects Donations versus Pledges.
  • Read-a-Thon is primarily done online. If, however, you cannot participate online you can write a check directly to the PUE PTA, who, in turn will deposit your check and transfer it to the online fundraiser.

So How Can Our School Have a Successful Read-a-Thon Fundraiser? Here's the facts:

  • $55,000 may seem like a far reaching goal but let’s break it down

    • PUE has 610 Students across 31 Classrooms (average of 20 students per class).

    • So we need to raise an average of $1775 per class.

    • Which is an average of $90 per student.

  • The KEY is to increase the total number of sponsors

    • According to Read-a-thon website on average $29 is raised per sponsor.

    • So to reach our goal of $55K we need 1897 sponsors!!

    • Which is an average of 60 sponsors per class

    • Which is an average of only 3 sponsors per student

  • More sponsors or a higher average sponsorship enhances our chances to reach our school goal. We also encourage businesses to participate in the event.

Additional questions about Read-a-Thon please contact:


Welcome to Writer in Residence Howard Craft

Pleasant Union welcomes Writer in Resident Howard Craft. Howard has worked with the PUE 3rd and 4th grades for many years sharing his expertise with the genre of poetry. He will be working with both grades this week.


For Safety Sake--Please Walk Your Child In the Building

All parents must park and bring students to the door for before care, late entry, and aftercare. If a child is dropped off they cannot necessarily get into the school since doors are locked. There have been incidents where students have been waiting outside with no adult before being allowed into the building. This is unsafe and it is the parents responsibility to bring students into before or after care or to come into the office to sign a student in and out.


Important Board Advisory Committee Meeting on Monday

An important Region 3 Board Advisory Committee Meeting is this Monday, September 18 at West Millbrook Middle School. Please consider joining us for the business portion of the meeting will begin at 6:00. The focus of discussion will be about the class size changes that the NC Legislature have scheduled for the 2018-19 school year. Representatives from WCPSS Student Assignment will present the proposed changes passed down from the legislature and initial ideas for the school system to deal with the changes.

How do the proposed changes affect Pleasant Union?

In a nutshell, the scheduled teacher to student ratio changes will mean that our Makerspace area, AIG Room, and possibly art and/or music rooms will need to be transitioned into classrooms. In addition, all grades levels will have classrooms rotating to ensure that there are enough classrooms to accommodate the K-3 ration legislation.


PTA Membership Contest Has a New Leader

We have a new leader with in the PTA Membership Contest. Mrs. Parrish's first grade class is now in first place with Mr. Schoenebeck's fifth grade class in second place. There are three classes tied for third place. They are Ms. Straub, Ms. Gainey and Mrs. Woronka.

If you haven't already joined please do so ASAP to help your child's class win the membership contest. The contest ends September 30. Thank you for your support!"

Membership contest questions should be directed to Valerie DeBruin at ​


Barnes and Noble Family Fun Night Coming Up

Come out and join us on Thursday, September 28th for Barnes and Noble Family Fun Night. Not only will various staff be reading favorite books, the Pleasant Union chorus and Mr Schoenebeck will be providing musical entertainment. In addition, stop by early to Pleasant Union view student artwork which will be hanging at Barnes and Noble through the week of the 25th-30th of this month.


Sign Up to Bring a Dish for the September 29 Staff Appreciation Luncheon

PTA is already preparing for the next staff appreciation luncheon for the September 29th Early Release. They are asking for your help to show our wonderful teachers and staff how much we all appreciate them. Please go to the signup genius page to sign up to bring your dish to support the luncheon. Follow the link to let PTA know how you'd like to help out.”


State Fair Support for Schools and Discounts Available

The North Carolina State Fair is running a promotion for WCPSS schools to earn up to $2 per ticket sold online. When you order your tickets online go to the Deals and Discounts section of the State Fair's main page. Be sure to enter our school code (531). What a great way for our school to earn some extra funds.


Mark Your Calendar

Monday, September 18
  • 5:30 Board Advisory Committee Meeting at West Millbrook Middle School (Discussion Theme: Student Assignment 2018-19).

Tuesday, September 19

  • 8:15 PTA Meeting in Media Center

Thursday, September 28

  • 5-8 Barnes & Noble Night-Come see staff read and our chorus sing.

Friday, September 29

  • Student Global Kickoff K-2, T 2-4
  • Early Release. Students dismissed at 1:15.
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon/Professional Development