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We have found a new mammoth skeleton in Dallas, TX. It is a fully preserved skeleton found at the south edge of Dallas by a young kid digging with his parents. The parents were amazed when they found it and only reported it after excavating it themselves. After it was reported a team of scientist rushed to the site to look for how it died.

The Effects an Extinction Would Have

If all of a sudden all of the mammoths disappeared then the trees in the area would turn the grasslands into a forest. Many predators would lose a large source of food. And many prey would lose protection and the grass currently growing there. After that many of the smaller animals would lose lots of their protection and food.

Religious Confusion

This may cause quite a bit of confusion with certain religions as it dates before their creation stories, and goes against what they thought was created at the time of the creation. One way they might deal with it is ignore it, or reason that the creation took longer than they first thought. After they may start to try and deal with it they may just give up and become religion less. After everything is thought to be sorted out we can continue on with our normal lives.

Dig Site Info

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The numbers are representing the sections, and the dots show where things have been found. The lines section off the different areas of the dig.


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