Sora screencasts and webinars

Have questions about Sora? See if these will help!

We'll be creating a new Sora tab in the LibGuides and putting all of the resources there for you as they come up, but here's a handy guide to help you navigate some of the questions you may have about Sora, Overdrive, Google authentication, title assignments, curation, and more.


1.Title Assignments (VERY COOL!)

This is the newest feature I've been playing with. Title assignments lets a librarian assign a title to an individual student (even if content access levels normally don't let them see the title on their own) and set a custom start and end date for the title! This feature only lets you assign titles you have purchased for your Advantage account; for assistance assigning consortium titles, give us a holler.

*Saratoga: this feature does not work with Follett Destiny authentication, fyi.* Not sure if Saratoga folks have moved on to Microsoft authentication...I know your IT wanted to go in that direction. If it hasn't happened yet, this is a great incentive to do so. :)

2.Begin to Curate Collections in Sora (and feature the curated collections you wish to showcase by dragging and dropping!)

3.Adding to Existing Curated Collections

4.Setting Access Levels for Newly Purchased Items (please do this for anything new you purchase!) Fyi, any new Advantage purchases you make are set to "adult" (high school) by default, unless they're additional copies of something you or the consortium have already purchased. Whenever you purchase new titles, you will get a hyperlink to immediately customize those access levels.

5.Setting Access Levels for Existing Advantage Collection

Checking access levels for your collection is very important. This is easy enough once you get going that you may choose to set your access levels while you're sitting on your couch in the evening. You want to make sure your students can see the titles you've purchased (and that it's filtering if it's a title that littles shouldn't be able to discover). New purchases default to "adult", and occasional existing purchases might possibly be set to "juvenile" when they are not.

6.OMG: I can see everything in Sora. Can my elementary students???

(Teachers can see everything, even if you're at the elementary level. It doesn't mean that elementary students can see The Hate U Give. But it's a good idea to spot check. Here's how.)

7.Notetaking and Highlighting in Sora

8.Intro to Sora: What it looks like on the patron end, including patron dashboard

You can let students explore their Sora accounts, select an avatar, set their name...

9.Am I Google Authenticated Yet?

10.Getting Sora/Overdrive Stats