Plant Bio & Tropical Agriculture

Newsletter December 8, 2015

Plant Biology & Tropical Agriculture Field Day/Open House

On Tuesday November 24th, our Leeward CC PBT program held it's first open house/field day here on campus! It was a success! Students who were not PBT majors were able to learn more about the program by talking to PBT students, faculty, and staff as well as get a tour of the student gardens, living labs, and more!

Mahalo to all the PBT students, faculty, and staff who helped to make our first open house/field day a memorable one! As a PBT major, you should feel proud of what an awesome program you are a part of and what an impact you are making in this field of work!

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A Message from program counselor Amy Amper

Please register for Spring 2016 as soon as possible! Especially for any PBT classes that you need or want to take! By registering for your PBT classes now, the more likely those classes will be held in Spring and not get cancelled due to low enrollment.

Hang in There!

We all know that the end of semester can be a stressful part of our college lives. Here are a few words of advice!

  1. First and foremost, know where you stand. Be sure that you have tracked what your current grade is in your course. Take time to reflect on the material you have learned and in the readings. Even if you have received high scores on all your exams, that is not an invitation to slack off and not study for your final.
  2. Be sure to communicate with your instructor. This is something that should really be done every semester with all of your instructors. Establishing this relationship helps once you come closer to finals time. Even if you haven’t gone in to their office during the semester, it’s never too late. Seek your instructor for extra help if you are encountering some difficulties in the course.
  3. It’s easy to think about the break coming after finals instead of focusing on the actual tasks at hand. You don’t have to cut your social life entirely, but definitely prioritize and make sure you are putting study time first.
  4. Do not cram! Maybe this is something you have done before and have waited until the last-minute, sometimes from habit, or sometimes just because life happens. We do this but we all know we shouldn’t. It seems so much easier than actually planning out days of studying. But it doesn’t help! Cramming leads more often than not leads to failing.
  5. Also, sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Plan ahead with your study schedule so that you aren’t up late night before an exam. Study bit by bit every day and get the sleep you need to retain information.

Keep your head on right and focus on the next couple of weeks. Set your goals, know where you stand, and do it right! Finish your semester strong so you can enjoy your break! And just hang in there! It’ll all be over before you know it.


Happy Holidays!

This will be the last newsletter until next semester! Please enjoy your winter break and relax! Until then, work hard and keep focused! You are almost there! You can do it!
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Student Success Support Team!

Amy Amper

Program Counselor

Degree Planning, Class Registration

Melodee Himuro

Academic Specialist

Campus Resources, Academic Skills